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Review on HumanCentric Portable Monitor Consoles Magnetic Built-In Speakers, 301-1023, IPS by Brian Gilmore

Apple outside, Android inside.

At first glance, it is noticeable that the design and feel of the box is very similar to that of Apple. As soon as you open it, you see a very well packaged display. The display itself has a flip cover that looks like an Apple iPad cover but is made and looks more like a cheaper version. The device comes with a power adapter with a USB-C to USB-A cable, as well as a mini HDMI to HDMI cable and a USB cable. Covering all your cable needs is a nice touch. Build quality is solid and the device is very light for its size, which is a plus. On the left side you have display ports (mini-HDMI, USB-C) and an audio jack. On the right is a power-only USB-C port. The USB-C display port on the left is powered (assuming your device that streams video over USB-C also supplies power through the same port), which is a huge plus for cable management. . If you're using the HDMI port, you'll need to use the USB-C power port on the other side of the device so the cables get a little tangled but not intrusive. The case itself looks like it should support a device like Apple. an iPad case, but it's not very good at it and can sometimes slip off and crack the display. A small strip of tape solves the problem. And the display itself? The Panel ID is listed as "DZX1560". It's an IPS panel, so that's a plus for viewing angles and decent imaging, but the two biggest drawbacks are responsiveness (27ms) and, more importantly, color space at a dismal 52%. and it was immediately recognizable alongside my laptop's 72 percent color gamut coverage. It has some problems with PM flickering at low brightness settings, but it's fine at 50% or higher. I suspect that with a nominal brightness of 200 nits, you don't want it to be low enough to cause flicker. I was pleasantly surprised to find small built-in speakers, properly positioned left and right, as well as a physical volume control. HDMI audio worked fine from my laptop. For the average non-gaming secondary screen, or even the primary screen for a Chromebook, 11-13-inch laptop, or iPad, more real estate can be a huge plus. I see many uses for this display. If slow response times don't bother you, it can even be used as a portable gaming display for consoles. I personally will use it as a portable diagnostic display. If you're looking for a super-bright display, a wide color gamut, or a portable gaming display with responsiveness, look elsewhere. But overall I like it for the price and for many use cases. 4/5

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Pros & cons

  • Ultra-thin, lightweight design with built-in smart magnetic protective case: The 15.6 inch travel monitor is 14.5 inches wide, 9 inches high and only 0.5 inches deep, making it a lightweight and comfortable portable computer monitor. With a durable PU leather exterior and a protective soft interior lining, this smart magnetic case allows you to securely carry your portable monitor in a small computer bag or backpack. It has two vertical positions: 25 and 40 degrees depending on the desired viewing angle.
  • Low refresh rate: When the monitor refresh rate is too low, motion may appear blurry or slow.

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