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Review on Enhanced Productivity: HumanCentric Portable Monitor Consoles with Magnetic Built-In Speakers and IPS - Model 301-1023 by Jesse Whitethorn

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good design and price! I love its portability!

BRIEF SUMMARY: I love the simple way this product extends my laptop display, allowing me to put two monitors anywhere. The portability and thoughtful details of this device make it useful. Just don't expect more from this display than what it was designed to do. I tested this display connected to my new Dell XPS 13. WHAT I LOVE: I connected this display to my Dell XPS 13 and the display only came on with power from my laptop's USB-C port. Windows recognized the display immediately and within seconds I made the adjustment to extend my laptop's display. exhibition stand. There is a single control knob/knob that gives you access to various display settings. It took me a few seconds to increase the brightness from the standard 50 to the brighter 70. WHAT TO EXPECT: My Dell XPS has a 4K IPS display. The colors on my laptop's display are very vivid and the colors explode from it. In comparison, this humancentric display is a 1080 resolution display, not an IPS display. Then the colors are much less vivid. You wouldn't use this display for colorful graphic design work. It's great for web browsing, email, spreadsheets, Zoom meetings, and more (that's how I use it). It would be good for YouTube videos and watching movies if there was nothing better. In short it is a good value item that works very well and I am very happy with it. Just don't expect colors to be as vivid or punchy as you'd expect from an IPS 4K LED display. Finally, since it is connected to my laptop, which has a 4K display, the windows cursor can only be moved from the laptop's display to the humancentric (extended) display from the center of the vertical border on my laptop's display. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with expanding the display with a 1080 display instead of a 4K display. It's not a problem, you just need to find out if you can't move your mouse from one screen to another. CONCLUSION: I really like this humancentric display and it will make it very easy to have two displays when I'm traveling or even working somewhere outside of my home. Highly recommended!

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  • Highly compatible and easy to set up USB-C monitor: Connect HumanCentric portable monitors to PCs or MacBooks as a second laptop display. The portable USB monitor is powered by your laptop's USB-C port or the included power adapter. Use it as a portable monitor for MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS and other popular laptops with USB-C ports with just one cable. The portable laptop monitor has adjustable brightness, contrast, black level and sharpness.
  • Bad customer support.

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