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Review on Smartphone HUAWEI P20 Lite 4/64 GB, black by Candra ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I am satisfied, the product fully corresponds to the description.

Impressions about the model are simply indescribable. Truth. I took a blue color for myself, and it shimmers in the sun. (It really looks nice) After Nokia Lumia 1320 and its Windows Phone 8.1, I am very happy that I have a new phone: no overheating, no worries, no unsupported applications. Everything looks very cool, although I don’t really like Android. If you need a phone with a beautiful design, a beautiful shell and fast charging with a budget price segmentation, this is your phone. In addition: the photos were taken on this model in night modes and experiments.

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  • - Memory size. With a memory card, it fits right perfectly with native memory 64Gb and 32 Gb. - Screen. Clear. Bright, especially in the sun in automatic mode. - Performance. The phone really doesn’t buggy, doesn’t slow down (if you don’t look at the fact that when publishing a story on the FBontakte social network, it slows down for 10 seconds and then everything becomes normal) - Operating system and its shell. Her straightforwardness and chips leave only positive emotions. - Battery charge. In 30 minutes from 15% it was charged to 86% (and this is a fact, I thought it myself) - Camera. It takes excellent shots, there is a feeling that my Canon 550D camera is resting somewhere nearby. - NFC and fingerprint sensor. I am sure that these features should complement this smartphone, without them the phone would not be a phone.
  • - Battery. With its 3000 mAh, the phone lasts literally for 1.5 days, but sometimes with active use, it sits down very quickly. - Call. The speaker may be loud, but it does not cope with low frequencies. They slip, but there is no sound volume. Although, to whom what ship . - Headphones. Included are the usual "droplets", the sound is quiet. Buyers of this model, get yourself a good and high-quality headphones. - Google Pay. This service does not support 2022 MIR cards, they promised that they would fix and supplement them. - Playability. You can’t play games, especially heavy ones (if only at low ones) Another point: when you connect headphones, the phone turns off the volume to the middle, but before that it was at maximum. If anyone is reading from the developers of this shell, please ate. I ask sincerely, I think many will support me who love to listen to their favorite music.

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