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Great Software For Employee Performance Management

I like that it is very easy for me as an employer, or manager/supervisor with multiple employees under my care; since there are so many different ways you can use this software! It gives us all transparency into our staffs' work performance which has been great thus far because we have seen no issues at their end nor any problems from them either while using (aside form some minor glitches). The main thing about having such programs available online makes things easier than if they were only offline - saves time & money too!! Nothing really bad here but maybe more options would be nice? Maybe adding other types of notifications could make sense depending upon what your needs may require when dealing wtih employment law matters etc., especially considering how specific these laws tend to get nowadays.. We've noticed nothing wrong yet aside being able t o view reports easily via smartphone or computer without needing access through emailing each individual's information separately instead just by logging onto one screen per person.

  • Very user friendly interface.
  • Easy accessibility once logged in w ithout much hassle involved whatsoever,
  • Including ability 2 search documents saved already stored away somewhere else, not necessarily limited ti emails alone ! Not sure why exactly its even called
  • Not the best