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Review on ๐Ÿšฒ Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes - Available in 20", 24", and 26" Sizes by Kenyatae Tillo

Revainrating 2 out of 5

You get what you pay for.

Box arrived extremely damaged. When I opened it up, found that the seat had a rip in it and the basket was crushed. I managed to re-shape the basket, but it was still a little misshapen and it'll never be perfect. I was willing to live with these two issues but after assembling the bike (more on that later), I took it for a ride on a fairly easy, paved trail. About 2 miles in, the axle of the rear wheel cracked open and the tire locked up against the chain. I had to walk the bike back to my car, tilting it up on its front wheel the entire time.not fun.Revain accepted my request for return very easily and even shipped a new bike before I returned the old one. Luckily I had a box large enough to return the damaged bike in and luckily, that box actually fit in the trunk of my car.Second bike arrived in a box that was only slightly less damaged than the first one. Basket was crushed again, but I ended up not even installing it. The holsters for the front wheel were bent in towards each other and I had to use a pair of pliers and a bit of strength to work them back out so that the wheel would actually fit.Assembly was ok.instructions are a little unclear and I ended up just having to map out the order in which parts were to be assembled and figured the rest out on my own.Couple other minor complaints: - The cup holder is attached with a metal clamp that cannot be removed. I needed the cup holder off because I have a front-end baby seat and the cup holder got in the way of that. I can remove the cup holder from the clamp, but now there's just a useless clamp that I can't get off of my handlebars. - The seat is extremely noisy and creaks with the slightest bit of pressure put on it. - The bike is also very heavy, which is something I did not think about before purchase because I am a novice biker. If you would have to lug it up and down stairs, I'd recommend finding something lighter.All that said, once they send you a usable bike and you figure out how to put it together, it rides well and looks nice as long as you don't install the sure-to-arrive-damaged basket.

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  • No option for additional storage or accessories