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Review on 🐠 JNW Direct 9 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips for Fish Tank - 100 Strip Pack | Accurate Freshwater and Saltwater Water Testing | Test Hardness, Carbonate, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH & More by Jane Crawford

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Missed an important test. Ammonia

Being new to this hobby I knew I needed a water testing kit to ensure my water was of good quality and free of contaminants for my fish. I ordered this before I really knew much about fish content. After starting my aquarium and using these test strips a few times all the results looked great. Then I noticed that a few of my little fish were turning black. After studying it more closely, I found that they had ammonia poisoning and my tank hadn't fully driven. I had to quickly order some test strips for ammonia as it wasn't on those test strips. I also ordered ammonia control products, additional products to treat the aquarium cycle and daily water changes. After a few days, the ammonia levels dropped, and after about a week everything went back to normal. I lost a few of my little fish but got them under control quickly. My mistake is that I didn't know enough about the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium before starting the work, but every set of test strips must contain ammonia, not just nitrates and nitrites. I will finish these strips and buy another product once I need another set.

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