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Review on 🩳 Solid Men's Swim Trunks with Mesh Lining - MADHERO Short Bathing Suit 3 by Justin Santiago

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Cheaply made - You get what you pay for.

In a pinch, these swim trunks work. However, the cut, stitching, and fit leaves something to be desired. Within one week of wear, the side pockets have worn through to the point that I wouldn't trust them to hold keys/other valuables without ripping. Additionally, anything other than the lightest of objects will cause the pockets to sag below the thigh opening β€” kind of awkward.Furthermore, they aren't super comfortable. The 100% nylon dries quickly, but when combined with the straight leg openings, it will pull on your thighs during out-of-water activities.Main takeaway - if all you want is a short swim suit to do some laps at your local pool or hang out by yourself, these are a great option. If you intend for these to be a long-term-functional and fashionable swim suit, consider doing some more research and purchasing a more expensive brand.31' inseam, 30 inch waist, athletic build: medium fit as expected, if not a little loose in the butt/thigh.

  • Clothing
  • The 3-inch inseam may be too short for taller men, causing the trunks to ride up uncomfortably