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Review on 🎨 Crayola Crayons 24 ct (Pack of 2) - Colorful Fun with Double the Crayons! by Sherwin Smith

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The glitter version is very disappointing.

I am fine with pencils, and indeed with the Crayola brand in general. I bought ordinary pencils and was simply delighted with their quality, brightness and ease of sharpening. Therefore, I didn’t doubt for a second that my daughter would like the option of crayons with sparkles. She loves everything shiny, and coloring pictures so that they become bright and a little magical is great. But nothing good came of this venture. Everything started well - the crayons came to me in a cardboard package, though not the most reliable, it seemed thin, the child could easily tear it. But the pencils are small, comfortable, and even as many as 16 colors. There is not much information in Russian, but everything is clear here. I ordered it in a reliable online store, it’s definitely not a fake, and it’s unlikely that anyone fakes not so expensive pencils. All colors are painted on one side of the box. Opens and see them live. What variety! Now we will start creating our bright masterpieces! Each wax crayon is carefully wrapped in a piece of paper, it sits firmly and does not fall off. When my daughter was little, she simply adored "undressing" such pencils, she stopped with age. So far so good, but here's the first oddity. Two identical white pencils. That is, we have not 16, but 15 colors. Well, okay, there seems to be no deception, the manufacturer counts them in pieces. By the way, it is on whites that you can best see that there are many, many sparkles inside the crayon. When you draw with it, all the sparkles are collected from above, at the tip of the pencil. Look how many of them got out. Such a story with all pencils - they are not very visible on dark ones, but they are perfectly noticeable on the tip. And now the first experiment with a white pencil - my daughter wanted to make a brilliant rhombus. Do you see anything? Okay, everything is clear with the color, white on white, but where are the sparkles ?! They are not here... Horse colored with Crayol glitter crayons. The colors themselves are quite bright, quite normal. Only now you can see that the crayons lie unevenly on the paper. We are used to oil ones, but these are so hard, they roll down. Very unpleasant. And most importantly - where is the shine? In fact, live sparkles in the picture are more noticeable. But there are very few of them. This is not how I envisioned these drawings. If you try really hard, you can see the sparkles. To do this, I had to twist the drawing in every way, and finally I caught the sparkles. But there are very few of them ... There is no talk of any magic. But a lot of sparkles remain on the hands if you run your fingers over the pattern. But this is not at all the effect we expected. In general, there are few sparkles, and the pencils themselves are so-so. Most of all I did not like these lumps. I think the glitter prevents the wax from spreading well on the paper and it turns out some kind of nonsense. In general, I liked the regular pencils of this brand much more. They even smelled nice... And these expectations did not justify at all.

img 1 attached to 🎨 Crayola Crayons 24 ct (Pack of 2) - Colorful Fun with Double the Crayons! review by Sherwin Smith


  • Easy to take with you - small
  • Poorly drawn, almost no sparkle

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