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Review on ZXUY 18 Pairs 16-inch (40cm) Circular Carbonized Bamboo Knitting Needles Set (2.0mm - 10.0mm) by Kelsey Brown

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Larger needles are suitable for thicker yarn. Lighter yarn, forget it.

I took a chance on buying these needles because they had a decent amount of verified positive reviews and the cheap needles I bought turned out to be surprisingly good. For the price I didn't expect perfection and my expectations were met. The quality varies greatly between the needles in the set. Unfortunately most are unusable due to roughness/splintering on the bamboo and terrible stitching. The "cables" are actually plastic tubes that just aren't suitable for lighter threads. It's very tactile, too wide for a lightweight yarn, and because it's a hollow tube it just doesn't have the flexibility to knit. Also, I'm not sure what the word "carbonated" even means in this scenario. I think it's either the seller who lost it in translation or it's a word they just added there. They are simple bamboo needles attached to a plastic tube and nothing else. They don't have "carbon" or steel etc. In my experience, smaller needles are useless, finger-thick yarns can't slip through the tube and get stuck in sloppy joints. I spent more time fighting the yarn trying to make it work than knitting the stitches. On the plus side I used a size 11 with bulky yarn. They worked flawlessly - these particular needles had no imperfections in the bamboo and the bulky yarn was not affected as much by the tube or knuckle. Haven't tried DK or worsted yet; I'm really in no hurry to do this. So I will keep big needles to use as backups or when traveling. But if you're looking for everyday needles, spend the extra money on a well-known brand.

  • Material: Bamboo. Size: 2mm - 10mm
  • boring packaging