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Review on πŸ–₯️ Acer UT241Y Bmiuzx: Dual Hinge Touchscreen Monitor with Tilt Adjustment, HDMI, IPS, and 1920X1080P resolution at 60Hz by Mike Bawi

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Great touch monitor for Windows 10 and 11

I only post reviews when I feel it is necessary. In this case, I truly believe that a review is needed to correct some of the negative and false reviews in order for this beautiful Acer UT241Y touchscreen monitor to get the recognition it deserves. I ordered it 7/. 28/2022 and received with Prime two days later on July 30th. It arrived in a large padded box so is well protected outside of the original packaging. Getting straight to the conflicting information in the reviews: 1. This is a touchscreen monitor.2. It WORKS with both Windows 10 and Windows 11, out of the box, plug and play. I have a Win 10 desktop and a Win 11 laptop and I don't need to do anything other than plug it in for it to work. Solidly built. The stand is heavy, came in a kit. I like the matte screen with no reflections. So why negative 1-star reviews? In short, connectivity problems that can be solved with the right cables and knowing what to do. 3 things are needed for the touch display to work properly: 1. Power supply - a power cable is included, normal USB-C is probably not enough to power a monitor of this size. Display - Requires VGA (older computers include a VGA cable), HDMI (if your computer has an HDMI port, you should already have an HDMI cable), and DP Alt (your computer may come with one). If you connect any of these 3 cables, the display will work.3. Touchscreen function. This requires a full USB-C cable, not just a USB-C charging cable. I tested using a USB-A to USB-C cable to connect to the monitor's USB-C port and the touchscreen function works. So if you have an older computer without HDMI or DP Alt ports, connect your computer's VGA port to the monitor's VGA port with the cable that came with it in order for the display to work. If your computer has HDMI or DP Alt ports, you should have the right cable so you don't need an extra cable for the display. The monitor's AutoSource feature searches for the input source, so nothing needs to be adjusted. Just plug in and get started. Then use the included USB-C to USB-C cable or a USB-A to USB-C data cable like this https://smile.amazon.com/Transfer-Charging-Samsung-SanDisk-Portable /dp /B09HX9C8L2. /ref=sr_1_4?th=1 to make the touch screen work based on the available port on your computer. I think most people complained about the touchscreen not working because they used a USB-C charging cable without knowing that it doesn't have a data transfer function.

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  • I like that clarity
  • The touchscreen doesn't work with Windows 10 or 11. Didn't mention it.

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