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Review on LG 48GQ900 B UltragearTM Monitor with Anti Glare Screen, Built-In Speakers, Adaptive Sync, and HD Resolution of 3840X2160‎ 48GQ900-B.AUS by Mario Romero

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Probably perfect for console gamers. For PC, it has some trade-offs

Image: 4k so it's sharp and the colors are great. the brightness is weak, but unfortunately this is a characteristic of OLED. There's real bass there. I could actually use the built in speakers and not hate it. The outside will still sound better, but for the inside they're surprisingly decent. I think you have to spend over $50 to get a Bluetooth speaker that sounds better than the built-in one. Construction: looks well built but they make the top too flimsy. They don't have great ways to hold it because they literally made it paper thin. You will be shocked at how thin it is. It's also pointless because the bottom half is SUPER thick. Why not make everything one, like a TV? It was a pain to assemble as I felt like it would break all the time. Otherwise build quality is good and the included base is good if you don't need a lot of settings to play: great for console gamers who don't play in a very bright room. It won't be bright enough for bright rooms, and something like the 43-inch qn90b would be better for console gamers in a bright room. It's fine for PC gamers, but when you're not gaming and browsing the web, the dimming is downright annoying and you'll hate it. You cannot turn it off without using the dedicated aftermarket remote and will void the warranty. While this OLED and HDR looks good, the lack of brightness doesn't make it as bright as a good backlit OLED TV or monitor. My Neo G9 has crazy peak brightness and that makes HDR really popular. The only time LG looks better for HDR is when the scene is really dark and there are a lot of smaller bright spots, like in the night sky where individual pixels can make the stars crackle. Backlit TVs can't get as grainy, so they lose contrast in scenes like this compared to Oled. but other than that i prefer neo g9 in games as they do oled which doesn't get darker when nothing is moving on the screen li If you program or read reddit for example i can recommend them for pc use to this day. Even if they fix the brightness and make it brighter to keep up with the LED TV and the size: 48 is HUGE. how huge. My first TV many years ago was 42 inch for my apartment. that's 6 inches taller, so imagine. You'll need a very deep table, or you'll have to be willing to scale up the UI on Windows to use this, and even then you'll be straining your neck a little to see every corner. I think 42 inches is probably better for a computer. The 42-inch LG C2 can still run at 144Hz if I remember correctly. You only lose PC-specific options like Auto Sleep and Auto Wake

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