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Review on HP 2011X 20 Inch LED Monitor πŸ–₯️ with Tilt & Height Adjustment, 1600X900 Resolution, 3D-Compatible by Marcus Groark

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Halfway decent budget monitor, many limitations

I originally bought this monitor for a lawyer who needed a second portrait monitor for creating documents that would put most of us to sleep. Since it was going to be mounted under the right (second) monitor, it had to be 20 inches tall, and because of the Ergotron mount, it had to be light. Before purchasing this monitor, please note that there are no VESA mounts on the back. You'll need to use the stand that came with the kit, and that stand raises the screen by just under three inches. This will be a very important consideration for many people. As a monitor, the device works as expected. Color rendering is a bit difficult. into the blue spectrum and need to be calibrated if you are a graphic designer. Wait wait. Why are you looking at a 20 inch screen, designers? Continue. The backlight isn't particularly bright and the menu has four default settings (Movie, Photo, Game, Text) in addition to "Custom". After a few hours, I found it difficult to look at the monitor because the font smoothing looked terrible. At the moment I also reduced the brightness to 25/100 to deal with that. Finally, the power cord is not standard. If your power conversion box fails, you will need to buy a new one. While unlikely, this represents an extra piece that can be lost or broken. On the other hand, if you haven't lost or damaged your phone, printer or tablet charger. Well you got the idea. People who take good care of their belongings will probably be fine. People who don't do this may not want to attach the extra part. In short, the monitor that comes with this gateway is far superior in performance to the HP monitor that arrived at the office this morning. Pros: + Price is right + Slim, light + Glossy finish, modern body + Low power consumption Cons: + Limited brightness and color customization + No mounting bracket + Very short, non-adjustable stand + Non-standard power consumption + Glossy finish scratches easily + Not as bright as expected + Gamma is very blue even in warm light mode (cheap LED backlight) + Poor anti-aliasing, especially on fonts. The edges look massive.

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