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Review on MUEUSS by Robert Maysey

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MUEUSS: the place where you can find anything and everything but good service

Do you require any medical products at this time? Don't bother traveling to MUEUSS; it's not worth your time. Unless, of course, you take pleasure in standing around for what seems like an endless number of hours just to be greeted by a sales representative who couldn't give a hoot about your requirements. However, the problem is not solely caused by the mediocre quality of the service. The products on their own are a complete and utter failure. Do you require a brace? Have fun looking for one that actually fits you correctly. Do you require assistance? Hope you like it breaking apart after just one use. And don't even get me started on the various things for the home that they have available. Who in their right mind would want to spend their money on a vacuum cleaner that is noisier than a jackhammer and doesn't even get the job done? In general, MUEUSS appears to be a business that takes great pride in the fact that they are the absolute worst at everything. Therefore, MUEUSS is the ideal location for you if you are seeking for an experience that will give you a headache and is full of dissatisfaction and frustration. The rest of us would be better off looking elsewhere to satisfy our requirements for medical care and household goods.

  • a large selection of medical goods
  • Poor availability of common domestic goods