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Review on Samsung Business LC34H890WGNXGO Ultrawide 3440X1440 Monitor: 100Hz, Adjustable Height, Tilt, Swivel, Flicker-Free by Terry Pavelko

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Don't waste your money on this monitor.

I read most of the reviews, studied the YouTube videos and visited the Samsung website before making the purchase. I wanted to replace my dual monitor setup with a single ultrawide. This monitor was advertised as "Business" and it was Samsung. I found it perfect because I use it for work at home 99% of the time. I didn't care about games. Now let's get to my experience. It was terrible. On, all of my text was blurry and looked blurry. So I spent hours tweaking the settings to make them usable. Eventually the colors seemed normal and the blur went away. However, on gray with text. When I programmed in the dark theme, the dark gray was washed out. I could see lighter spots. If I moved my head a little, the dark gray would become light gray. Next was USB-C, this didn't work well with my Macbook Pro and it wouldn't charge. I was able to get the display to work and still have power to my Mac. I tried different USB-C cables and they didn't work at all. I even had a new 100w USB-C and it didn't work at all. The only USB-C cable that worked was the 3ft cable that came with the monitor. I also tried mine Connecting Mac mini 2020 to a monitor via HDMI was also blurry. So I had two computers with different inputs that had the same problem. and I tried several cables. The plastic back cover that hides the inputs was very cheap. It had a lot of tabs and it took a bit of work to align them all. It will most likely get broken after deleting it several times. The stand seemed solid enough, but part of the plastic cover on the side detached, revealing a cable manager. It was also cheap thin plastic with small tables. I didn't expect that from Samsung. Again, after hours of tweaking the settings, I found it where it could be used. I had to increase the contrast, decrease the brightness and play around with other color modes. This may seem normal to some, but coding on a dark background theme with a blurry appearance was a big problem for me. I couldn't spend that much money on a monitor and I have to live with it. Others may think this is normal. My two 32-inch HP IPS monitors looked better in color. I do not recommend this monitor to anyone. I am about to return. Save your money and get something better.

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  • Great monitor, but not
  • Lower refresh rate

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