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Review on Vacuum cleaner Roborock Dyad, white by Bogusawa Paw ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Do not hesitate to buy, the quality is amazing for the price.

This is my first vacuum cleaner. I bought it slightly boo, the team of the site robotobzor. Ru had this exhibit with the guys for a review and test, they advised me how price is quality. I was satisfied with the purchase, although I think the price of 25k is too expensive for him. What can I say - it washes the floors perfectly, and most importantly - it perfectly collects wool. I have a Jack Russell and a cat. The dog, although smooth-haired, but there is a lot of wool from it, and so the vacuum cleaner copes with a bang. A full charge in the max mode is enough for a room of 20 meters + a corridor of 10 meters + a kitchen of 12 meters, 20 percent remains. In auto mode, with the same scenario, 70 percent remains. Some tips: - the manual says to fill in only tap water, not filtered (I filled in from osmosis and got an error - there is no water, in the end, it seems to be gone, with water from the tap); - if you set it to charge and hold down the mode selection button for 10 seconds, you can select the language, there are 14 of them, there is no 2022. Here you can also hold down the clean + Mode buttons for 5 seconds, and turn off notifications altogether. - during cleaning, if you hold down the Mode button for 3 seconds, the dry cleaning mode will turn on - like cleaning moisture from the floor. After a minute, it will automatically turn off. - It is better to clean under the rollers with handles every time. If not cleaned, it will smell like a rotten swamp after a while. In general, with my love for gadgets, I’ve even been washing the floors myself for a week, I don’t let my wife in 😁. I am satisfied with the purchase. I recommend.

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To enhance my review, I've included some photos that capture the essence of my experience.


  • Cleans floors very well. Picks up hair very well. Doesn't hold a charge well. Self-cleaning mode.
  • It's a little heavy, but it doesn't matter, because you don't need to lift it. The battery is not removable. The suction power could be more, sometimes you have to drive 3-4 times before collecting some crumbs. Not a large tank for clean water.

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