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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S7 Global, black

Product Features

Discover the Power of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning the floors in your home is a never-ending task. However, relying on traditional methods may not always be enough to eliminate stubborn dirt and stains. Introducing our revolutionary robot vacuum cleaner with Sonic Sea technology! With its advanced features and cutting-edge design, this intelligent device takes cleaning to a whole new level.

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When it comes to robotic cleaning solutions, our Robot vacuum cleaner with Sonic Sea technology stands out from the competition. While there...


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

Expensive, certainly, but he has cool functionality; he sees where he is going, he doesn't get caught and he doesn't crash anyplace; in addition, there are enough sensors to prevent him from falling down the stairs. Various advantages: The vacuum cleaner works wonderfully, it is strong and has nice navigation, and it is wonderful how it works with carpets; when you switch on the special mode, he raises a napkin on carpets, which is a terrific feature. to avoid doing him any harm. Various…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, a pleasure to use.

I am very happy with the transaction, the seller got in touch with me right away, everything was done in a nice, quick, and correct manner, and the shipping was done quickly and with beautiful wrapping. Excellent comments and criticisms. Both the product and the merchant come highly recommended from me. Below are some advantages: Since this is the first robot vacuum cleaner, there is nothing else that it can be compared to. I had lower expectations for him, therefore I was pleasantly delighted…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

It is the very first robotic vacuum cleaner, and to claim that it is exceptional would be to say absolutely nothing at all. He drives. he is talking, the light strip on the case flashes, and it has been gone. Similar to the vehicle from the show Knight Rider. Has some pros: Cleans 5 out of 5 I was surprised to find out that there was so much waste in my house. In addition, the function of wet cleaning has been brought up to the same level. Management and configuration are both easy to…

That the S7 + base comes with a cyclone and a container rather than a dust bag makes me very happy. I don't want to deal with bags, so I'll never choose the Ultra option.

  • Top robot Roborock S7, winner of a prestigious design award for 2022 I took it in the S7 plus packaging with a cleaning base. Roborock S7 MaxV with video cameras became available in 2022, but the buyer declined to purchase it. The 2022 model is totally functional for me, and the white S7 with orange accents is far more attractive and intriguing inside than the black with gray MaxV.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

Excellent robot vacuum cleaner, vacuums itself then wipes it with a damp cloth, of course it won’t reach the corners, but as a daily cleaning it does an excellent job, from the moment of purchase I stopped using a conventional hand-held vacuum cleaner

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I like everything, the price and quality are acceptable.

I actually purchased it since the wet cleaning of the flooring caused some sort of seismic upheaval here. Yes, it cleanses the floors more effectively than the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, and you don't have to remove the rag or change the tank after every cleaning. In general, if he goes to wash the floors every day, he manages this duty, but it's more likely that he doesn't know how to do it than that he does. Integration of smart homes is a big letdown. You cannot direct a voice to clean a…

  • All of my experiences can be compared to those I had with my previous Xiaomi vacuum. Just remember that. - Support for smart homes exists. Mi Home, and hence Alice integration - Passes through little rapids. A clothes dryer, for instance, may move - Well perceives furniture and other home accessories, including drapes. Since there was an issue with the prior vacuum cleaner, my curtains inadvertently touch the floor a little bit. - A 300 ml large water tank. Two people can clean an area of 22 meters in a day. - For dust cleaning and wet cleaning, separate routines can be set up. - The docking station's rag rises above the floor, which is a crucial feature if your floor is made of laminate or another type of wood. - Regarding the issue of the previous remark: the maker claims that he can recognize carpets and can also lift a rag over them. - It is possible to mark dead zones on the map; in some circumstances, this feature is also helpful. - Just an observation: after some time of routine cleaning, the dust also vanishes in the crevices and areas where it does not rise in size. I'm assuming the suction power is to blame. To prevent the floor from being harmed by the rag's dampness, a protective plate is bonded to the floor for the docking station.
  • I saw no unique sense from Vibra Sense. Difficult pollution doesn't go away after one cleaning; it takes three to four cleanings. - Even though it's a small point, smart cleaning scenarios can only be set up when the vacuum cleaner's cleaning timer is adjusted. That is, it will begin cleaning in the manner in which it was previously cleaned until you specify otherwise, such as using motion sensors, ons, or anything else offered by Mi Home or Alice. Setting particular cleaning modes for particular circumstances will not function. Asking Alice to start cleaning or to go back to the docking station is your only option. - In contrast to my previous vacuum cleaner, it is harder to shake off the dust from the bag; you then have to pick it out. This is likely a design choice made to accommodate a larger station, in my opinion. - At the docking station or for cleaning carpets, the rag rises above the floor, but I can't claim that it is high enough. Up to 1 cm, it appears to be.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Does not meet my expectations, it was not worth buying.

This is my tale. I purchased this miracle after reading enough ecstatic testimonials. worked 37 (!) hours but wouldn't take payment. He built a map of the apartment, wiped the laminate and tiles, and raised a rag over the carpets while he worked. They claim it is ready after I gave reports. In general, iRobot was the realization of the goal of unfettered cleaning after 6 years of simplicity. What actually happened was that the service turned down the guarantee because the vacuum cleaner was…

  • Everything was in order when I exited. Though I might not be fortunate.
  • After 37 hours of use, broke; warranty refused; tk. flooded. It appears that he feeds the turbine with water that he pours onto a napkin. As opposed to S5, the board is now on the bottom instead of the top. Despite the rubber covering, the turbine compartment leaks; a wet napkin is moving at a frequency of 50 Hz and appears to be finding the turbine. He passed away in this manner: progressively losing battery life, then abruptly passing away while still docked. Battery, I initially believed, but no.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing I've ever used, I recommend it to everyone!

Fully justifies the money spent. Clear cleaning, everything is done by itself once connected, set up and no longer touch. Well, just pour water if or remove the rag to wash. Very satisfied, as even the weekly cleaning was exhausting. The cat is at home, now there is no wool.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good product, more pros than cons.

If flaw #2 is critical, there are animals at home, a lot of wires on the floor - it's better to look after it with a camera and AI. Otherwise great stuff Different pros: 1. Eliminates the “headache” with mopping 2. Handles animal hair/long hair well 3. Works with Alice Has cons: 1. Small dust collector 2. Only laser navigation - does not detect small obstacles like wires (wound a patch cord around a horizontal brush), scarves (sucked in). I'm afraid to imagine what will happen if the cat…

It was not an easy decision, but in the end I went ahead and made the acquisition. It's really worth it. I now have clean floors without having to worry about hle and doing it twice a day. Since the Roborock program has been removed from the iPhone, it functions properly for me when I use Mi Home. A typical application; based on what I read in the reviews, I was concerned that it would be challenging to set up, so I was relieved to find out that it is. It does a decent job of cleaning, it…

  • He takes care of the housework for me.
  • Not found at this time. Unfortunately, it was in English, despite the fact that they had written that they were going to flash it into 2022 before mailing it. To be honest, I tackled and resolved this issue on my own.

The disadvantages are not significant, I'm waiting for the appearance of a self-cleaning station so as not to suffer from emptying the container. Pros below: Great for daily cleaning, timer operation, high autonomy, wet cleaning, new type of main brush is convenient. Got cons: Problems with positioning if you move to an unknown space, trying to recognize the old room, the quality of cleaning coverage suffers from this and the already known map changes. When cleaning the container, do not allow…