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Review on 🏠 Enhance Your Home with Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Walk Through Pet Gate by Keshia Harvell

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent pet gate with one small quirk.

God I had to buy a pet gate. I have an office upstairs where I keep a litter box. There are also two dogs that come into the office when I'm not home, raid the cat kennel, and then urinate and defecate on the carpet. I had to find a way to keep those two dogs out of the office. Two goals from Carlson Pet Products caught my attention. Both goals received good reviews. One was more expensive than the other. I chose this particular gate - the more expensive model - because it looked better. I could have gone for a less expensive gate, but I wanted something that looked "cool" and was worth the money to get something that looked better. The attached picture shows how inviting the entrance to my office looks. Box, the gate is almost fully assembled. All you have to do is insert the captive screws and then tighten them into the door or door frame. For the most part, these gates fit most standard door frames. An extension cord is included for those of you with a larger footprint. The quality of these goals is exceptional. It looks really amazing and addictive. As others have noted in their reviews, there appears to be a fairly large lateral gap between the gate door and the rest of the railing. However, as you streamline things, that gap narrows. Now the problem? cat door. It's too big to keep dogs outside. One of my two dogs is an adult pug. It's the size of a small pig and easily fits through a cat door. The other dog -- the problem dog that peed and defecated in the office -- is also medium-sized, but (fortunately) slightly larger so he can't get through the door. However, if this cat door was a little smaller, life would be perfect. Overall, this is an excellent goal in every way. Spend money and buy this nicer model. Your home deserves it.

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