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Review on 🦍 Slipstick GorillaPads CB147: 16-Piece Non Slip Furniture Pads / Gripper Feet - Self Adhesive Rubber Floor Protectors by Angela Rodriguez

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help us keep the varnished floor from scratches

Greetings to all readers of the review! After a major overhaul of the house, after covering the floor with varnish (in three layers), the question arose of how to protect the surface of a new beautiful wooden floor from scratches. Bought several of these sets of furniture pads at the Fix Price store. The color of the lining was sand (as in the photo) and dark brown. Since our floor is not dark, we chose a lighter tone. In a set of different sizes of foot pads made of thick felt 3 mm thick, 39 pieces in total: round - with diameters - 4 cm - 4 pcs., 2.8 cm - 6 pcs., 2 cm - 8 pcs.; square - 2 cm - 8 pcs.; a rectangular sheet measuring 27 x 10 cm, from which you can cut out linings for furniture legs of the desired shape and size. There are also transparent, soft plastic, round pads with a diameter of 1.3 cm - 12 pcs., They are well suited for windows and doors so that they do not hit the walls when opening and do not leave dents. Linings - self-adhesive. On one side of the pads there is a protective transparent layer that must be removed when gluing. Stick the lining on the degreased surface. This is how it looks on the legs of the chair. On furniture that practically does not move: cabinets, racks, beds, sofas, etc., the linings stuck well and did not move anywhere, did not deform, did not scratch the floor. Once glued to the legs of furniture, put in a permanent place and everything is fine. But this chair very often moves, moves, the linings on the legs do not hold well, peel off, shift, they have already been changed three times. We have to move the chair as carefully as possible, not to carry it on the floor, but this is annoying, the chair is heavy, uncomfortable. Summary: I recommend these linings for "stationary" furniture, it's perfect; and on furniture that is often moved, it is better to glue these linings with another adhesive, more durable, or look for other linings. Something like this. Thank you for your attention to the feedback.

img 1 attached to 🦍 Slipstick GorillaPads CB147: 16-Piece Non Slip Furniture Pads / Gripper Feet - Self Adhesive Rubber Floor Protectors review by Angela Rodriguez


  • Help keep the floor surface scratch-free, price
  • Quickly peel off the legs of the chairs

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