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Review on Goodyear Eagle Sport 2 195/65 R15 91V summer by Maria Maria ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

Summarizing I will say: "rubber happy. " Only the rise in prices and lazy managers who cannot write a couple of extra words in the product description are upsetting in order to save the psyche of their customers. All good)

Updated 1 year ago
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I've added some pictures to my review to help bring my words to life.


  • Rubber liked. I bought in the amount of 195/65 R15 for golf 4 1.6 AT. Road holding more than confident. Didn't see any vibrations. It doesn’t matter if the speed is 60 or 160 km / h, I didn’t feel the difference, the hook is powerful. Ride comfortably. Noise is also okay. Handles water 100%. It feels like there are no puddles at all. Still, with such fat lamellas (I’ll talk about them separately in the disadvantages section). I bought it probably one of the first, in the first wave of heat and immediately, to celebrate, I changed my shoes (probably also one of the first). After that, 15 centimeters of snow immediately poured in. Surprisingly, I did not experience any "terrible" difficulties. The snow pat, organized by the janitors, overcame it without problems, it was not even poisoned. Then I went to the country to take winter tires. There I was waiting for "light" soil, which also did not create obstacles.
  • I did not find any shortcomings, but in the course of the acquisition one nuance became clear. All over the Internet, on any site, all the pictures of this rubber with 4 lamellas. In fact, it turned out to be 3. I already thought everything fell in love with me. I picked up the whole aliexpress, the store that sold this kit, and at the same time the GOODYEAR representative office. The store manager ured me that everything was in order, they say, as it should be. He said that tires with a width of less than 200 come with 3 sipes. Naturally, I did not believe it, after which I wrote a letter to the GOODYEAR representative office in order to confirm or deny this information. Of course, they did not answer right away, and I, of course, managed to get nervous. But, surprisingly, they confirmed this fact. So friends, if anyone encounters this, do not worry, everything is as it should be. Checked on myself.