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Review on Smart watch Garmin Instinct, tundra by Gabriela Kowalczyk ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

This is my first fitness tracker. I run regularly and on holidays I ride a bike (usually when traveling). It was for running, in the first place, that I needed a device. For the phone is not the best assistant, especially for running indoors or on the track. Of course, I compared and analyzed the models for a long time, because I wanted something more than a fitness watch - but not more than 20k. Only Suunto Traverse (old), Ambit peak 3 remained in the final, which could be bought for 17-20 with discount. Both models lack direct support for running without gps indoors - only with an additional sensor. But I'm an amateur, not a professional, and I wanted an all-in-one - and Instinct is an all-in-one. Navigation for all is approximately the same - in the form of drawing preloaded tracks. And here you also need to understand that Finnish "classmates" are models that have been discontinued, with gradually falling off support. Instinct is a relatively new product with no such problems. There is only one question: why the hell do they cost so much?! 26900-29900?! I bought them on Amazon with 12 days UPS delivery to my door from the blessed state of Kentucky for only 16600! For the stated price, you can buy Finns with color displays and detailed statistics on sports. But it is worth studying them in more detail - and you can see that most of them have dips in measurement accuracy. So the Instinct is a good watch designed to introduce users to the Garmin environment. Moreover: now I already own Fenix ​​5 - and I can say that with the same functionality, Instincts work more stably and are more convenient to use. The only thing they lose significantly is in the speed of searching for satellites. So, if you're comfortable with a sporty design and monochrome display, and you're looking for a watch to record your achievements in the first place, the Instinct is a worthy choice. Non-navigation and TrackBack are nice additions. There is even a training guide - but it is textual.

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  • Appearance - really impressive sports militaristic style. At the same time, he is very restrained, if someone thinks that the guys in the office will laugh - do not believe it: even the director quietly envy me, not to mention the owners of huveys and samsungs. An interesting set of functions - for example, you can measure the area, it is very convenient for gardeners. Accurate fitness tracker, support for all major sports, including - running, indoor cycling.
  • The functionality / price ratio in 2022 does not hold water. Garmin Explore maps take up a lot of space on your phone.