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Review on 🚲 Optimized for SEO: Garmin Edge 530, Mapping GPS Cycling/Bike Computer with Dynamic Performance Monitoring and Popularity Routing by Steven Gray

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Small, handy, light and not expensive.

But now I want something new :) Since there was absolutely no idea what exactly you wanted, we chose the simplest of the inexpensive and good ones - Garmin Edge 200. Such a box arrived - it looks very nice, you can see the bike computer itself through the plastic. I gutted the packaging - in this small box - a large number of different bags and parts! Instructions, the computer itself, a charger with interchangeable plugs for different sockets. I immediately threw out the British version. The bike computer itself is perfectly charged via a USB cord. This is in case I end up in Britain and need to charge it :) Handlebar mount. With 4 elastic bands in two different sizes. They even turned out to have 2 mounts on the handlebars of a bicycle! Which is very convenient - in my case, one was installed on a road bike, the second on a mountain bike. And I used rubber bands - large on the mountain, smaller on the highway. Still have 2 rubber bands of each size in stock. Very comfortable, despite the simplicity. Does not slip, elastic bands do not stretch. Sits tight. Here is a computer. It is small and light. A little more than a matchbox. I fixed the base on the steering wheel with the help of rubber bands criss-cross. The computer itself is installed in half a turn until it clicks. Now we need to set up the computer. I chose kilometers and a time format of 24 hours. Next, you need to enter your age, gender, height and weight ... as soon as the miles have changed to km, then the weight and height have become normal, familiar kg and meters. The computer will count the calorie consumption. When moving, the speed will be displayed on the screen. No maps and routes - this is not a navigator! Satellites found very quickly. Disgusting (very) squeaks at start and stop. But all of this can be customized. And the sound, and the inclusion-switching off of autopause and autorun after a stop. Next, you need to register on the Garmin website. Install Garmin Connect on your computer. The Garmin Edge 200 does not have bluetooth, it cannot be paired with a phone. It connects to the computer with a cord. All about the trip can be viewed in the Garmin program. Compatible with Strava social sports network. Not compatible with any ANT+ sensors (heart rate monitor, power meter or something like that). But this is one of the simplest computers with GPS. Very accurately renders the path traveled. But in the big mountains, on a serpentine, it lies a little with speed. But not much. The purchase was very satisfied, so far satisfied in all respects. The value for money is wonderful.

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  • Price, compact, 2 mounts, excellent GPS signal, compatible with Strava
  • Did not find