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Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Gamepad Gamesir G4 Pro, black

Product Overview: Gamepad Gamesir G4 Pro, Black

The GameSir G4 Pro, in its sleek black design, is a highly versatile universal gamepad that brings a new level of convenience and control to gaming enthusiasts. With its wide compatibility across various platforms, this gamepad is a perfect companion for gamers seeking an immersive experience. To further enhance usability, it also features a convenient smartphone holder, allowing you to easily attach your device and enjoy gaming on the go.

Key Features and Characteristics

The GameSir G4 Pro gamepad stands out due to its exceptional features and characteristics. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable gameplay, even during extended gaming sessions. The responsive buttons and precise analog sticks provide precise control, enhancing your gaming performance. Additionally, the built-in vibration motors deliver immersive feedback, adding an extra layer of realism to your gaming experience.

Similar Products Comparison

When considering gamepads in the market, it's essential to compare them to find the perfect fit for your gaming needs. While there are various options available, the GameSir G4 Pro stands out due to its universal compatibility and ergonomic design. Compared to other gamepads, it offers a seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms, including PC, Android, and iOS.

Solving Gaming-Related Challenges

The GameSir G4 Pro tackles common challenges faced by gamers, such as limited control options and compatibility issues. Its universal compatibility ensures you can use it across different platforms without the need for multiple controllers. Whether you're playing action-packed console games, classic PC titles, or mobile games, this gamepad provides a consistent and reliable control solution.

Key Parameters to Consider

When assessing a gamepad's suitability, certain parameters are crucial to consider. The GameSir G4 Pro excels in various areas. It offers customizable buttons, allowing you to tailor the controller layout to your preferences. The adjustable smartphone holder ensures a secure grip for your device, enabling comfortable gaming sessions. Additionally, the rechargeable battery provides long-lasting gaming sessions without the hassle of constantly changing batteries.

Enhancing Gaming Experience for Everyone

The GameSir G4 Pro is an excellent choice for all types of gamers, whether you're a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast. Its versatility and compatibility make it suitable for a wide range of gaming genres, from action-packed adventures to competitive multiplayer battles. With this gamepad, you can fully immerse yourself in the gaming world and enjoy the freedom and control it brings.

Places Where You Can Enjoy the Gamepad G4 Pro

  • At home, on your PC or gaming console
  • During your commute, on your smartphone or tablet
  • At social gatherings, for multiplayer gaming sessions
  • On long trips, to keep yourself entertained
  • At gaming events or tournaments, for competitive gaming experiences
  • The GameSir G4 pro universal gamepad supports a variety of platforms and is complemented by a smartphone holder. As a result, you can use it to play on a Windows computer, Android or iOS smartphone, or Nintendo Switch.ULTIMATELY COMFORTABLEDue to the ergonomic shape of the case, the device lies well in the hands. The rubberized coating prevents it from slipping out of your fingers.FULL CONTROL This model has everything you need to make your character run and jump, change direction, draw new weapons and reload them. Mini joysticks, D-pad and other keys provide simple and precise control.PERFECT REALISTICFeedback function allows you to get more fun from the game. The vibration motor convincingly simulates recoil when firing and transmits shaking when driving over rough terrain.



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    Although it's not a perfect controller, considering how affordable it is, it's hard not to suggest it. It is quite comfortable to hold in one's hands and features a good vibration motor in addition to a connection that is simple to use, making it an excellent choice for a casual gamer. Has some pros: a long battery life, charging through Type C, an ergonomic design that is comfortable, a wide compatibility range, and a connection that is stable. Below are some downsides: Unreliable joysticks…

    Although it's not a perfect controller, considering how affordable it is, it's hard not to suggest it. It is quite comfortable to hold in one's hands and features a good vibration motor in addition to a connection that is simple to use, making it an excellent choice for a casual gamer.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Product satisfying the quality of the product, good price.

    Good gamepad Has pros: Great feeling for GFN fits perfectly, and connects to realme gt 2 pro, realme pad without any problem Has some cons: Terrible buttons over the jackets and the holder does not hold realme gt 2 pro well with a coma project case

    Maybe not a perfect controller, but it's hard not to recommend it for the money. It is very pleasant to hold in your hands, a good vibration motor, convenient connection - a great option for a casual gamer. Different pros: Comfortable ergonomics, solid design, wide compatibility and stable connection, long battery life and Type C charging With its cons: Inaccurate joysticks and slightly tight index finger buttons

    If you want to buy something, then you shouldn't buy anything. With Android moving to the rhythm of a tambourine, and multi-platform games (like Genshin Impact) featuring buttons that are distinct between the computer and the mobile device. The sticks immediately grasped Satan's trip and spun when I connected to the computer once, so it wasn't merely to play; I had to have time to press at least something in the game menu. I just connected to the computer once. AliExpress is also stunning, and…

    • One time it worked
    • This is an excessively pricey option for something that only has the ability to flash a green light.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I was surprised by the quality for this price.

    Maybe not a perfect controller, but it's hard not to recommend it for the money. It is very pleasant to hold in your hands, a good vibration motor, convenient connection - a great option for a casual gamer.

    If you want to buy, then don't buy. With Android dancing with a tambourine, and multi-platform (like Genshin Impact) has different buttons on PC and phone. I connected to the computer once, the sticks immediately caught Satan's trip and spun, so it wasn't just to play, I had to have time to press at least something in the game menu. aliexpress is also beautiful, it doesn’t give a damn about you . BUT, if you still have seen enough reviews and decide to buy, buy ONLY on ALIEXPRESS, there is at…

    • Worked once
    • For the sole function of flashing a green light, this is too expensive .

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

    After using it for three months, I have decided to write a review on it. At first, everything worked properly; however, after two and a half months of use, both of the gamepad's analog sticks developed dead zones. I'm not sure why this happened; I didn't drop it, I didn't handle it with greasy hands, and I made sure to keep the gamepad clean. The gamepad is functioning normally in general, but the analog sticks continue to cause users a great deal of consternation despite the fact that they…

    • Box, construction quality, and overall appearance
    • Gamepad sticks

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    A good product at a good price, I advise you to try it.

    A good gamepad all around. Touching it feels good. Nothing wiggles. For games in G touch mode, the Gamesir World app already offers predefined button layouts. Offset sticks are accessible to anyone. If you've spent your entire childhood playing with sticks, you'll need to get used to it, ala PS With its benefits: A dongle and a carrying case are supplied. An intriguing feature is "G" touch, which serves as a sort of substitute for the game Panda Pro application. has certain drawbacks There were

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

    In general, a good gamepad. Pleasant to the touch. Nothing creaks. The gamesir world app already has preset button layouts for games in G touch mode. Offset sticks are for everybody. You need to get used to it if you have been playing on sticks all your life ala PS Its pros: There is a dongle included and a place to carry it. There is an interesting function "G" touch (a kind of replacement for the game panda pro application) Got cons: When connecting via bluetooth, there were regular problems…

    Continuing on the disadvantages: One of the most idiotic smartphone mounts I've ever seen. Moreover, from the previous model (G4 / G4s), they did not change it in any way. I don’t see the point in writing, in other reviews, and without me, they already managed to scold the gamepad for the complete rubberized insert, with which it is impossible to fold the mount, which is most inconvenient to insert / remove and which they simply tried to compensate for the fact that without it the smartphone is

    • The shape is largely identical to the Xbox controller. If you held it in your hands and it arranged you with its shape, then there will be no problems with this grip. Pretty fast work of a 2.4ghz receiver, well, its very presence in the kit + the ability to put it directly into the gamepad is a plus. Build quality is ok. The only negative that I found on the body is a slight creak of triggers at maximum travel and a slight crunch when twisting the gamepad. But this is if you purposefully look for shortcomings. The battery life when used through the receiver is satisfactory. On average, it lives for 8 hours, a maximum of 10. It sits down a little faster via Bluetooth.
    • They did not cure the problem with small dead zones on the sticks. They are small and in practice I did not find any problems with tracking or breakdowns, but in the testers it is clearly visible how the move of the point "sticks" to the axes during small movements, and on both sticks. The WORST D-pad I've ever owned. If in some game you have to use the cross more than a couple of times per minute, then the gamepad can be safely sent to the trash. False positives in the same Mortal Kombat are PERMANENT. We have to count not the number of FALSE, but vice versa - CORRECT responses, because at best they are half. The most wadded, not intuitive and lax move of the cross in any direction. Even in the Xbox 360 gamepad with a similar shape of arrows, I have never noticed such terrible tracking. The X/Y/A/B buttons are very lazy on return. The pressing itself is more or less tactilely understandable, and in the case they fit normally and do not rattle, but the return is very slurred. It is very difficult to call them quickly. I suspect that this is due to the system with the replacement of their layout. Recall the above problem with the D-pad - and we get one of the worst gamepads for playing fighting games.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

    be sure to ate the firmware! bought from 2.24-24! The firmware is ated through the application on android / ios. the application in the playmarket is not working, download from the off site, and put it on a smartphone, the smartphone may swear at suspicious behavior during installation (closed my eyes to this) with firmware 2.29-2.31 - the sticks have become completely different! without dead zones and sticking to the x and y axes. this is my first controller since the sega 16bit era. they say

    • amazing quality materials good at details
    • personal, non-essential

    Pros below: In fact, everyone has a wonderful gamepad, mechanical buttons, when playing on a PC, the sensations are as pleasant as possible. The buttons are a little tight, maybe not everyone will like it, but for me it feels perfect. Has cons: Apparently, it was not lucky with the assembly, and the gamepad hung and stopped turning on in less than a month of use. Expensive thing for such a long life. We do not have an official service, so you can forget about it. The rating is solely for this r

    On the 3rd day of use, a lot of errors went wrong with the joystick version + l2 r2 only work in minecraft on android, but they don’t work in call of duty mobile, fortnite. The reset button saved me, which I used 4 times. I no longer connect to ios at all. Perfect Flight on PC only.

    • - Versatility of the device -Ability to see charge -No dead zones -Good vibration -Easy to use -Commands to connect on the back -L2 & R2 feel the degree of depression -The ability to change the buttons A, X, Y, B in places, because they are held by a magnet (I did not experience any inconvenience for removing the buttons. Reviewers in YouTube with hands from one place, apparently) -When unpacking, you will understand everything yourself, this is the level - Gamepad for perfect use on PC
    • -The program for ating from the curve site, download from the markets on your smartphone -Sticks behave incorrectly before the first ate -You need to start the game with the joystick turned on, then go to the gamesir and repeat the entrance to the game through it, otherwise the joystick will not see (do not make the version lower, otherwise everything will become very bad!) -L1 & R1 vs controller and xbox joysticks huhk -L2 and R2 do not work in many games on phones

    Personally, in my opinion, it's better to add a little and buy a branded gamepad from Sony or Microsoft. 01/10/23 Do not take this model in any case, it is better to look at other options.

    • Appearance, the possibility of firmware (ated), a holder for a smartphone and a connection to a PC not only via dong, but also via BT.
    • 1) Caught with a small marriage. The left stick was stuck in the up and left-up position. It was a bad ebb of the case, I had to disassemble and grind. 2) L1/R1 triggers, very noisy, can be heard in the next room and very rough when pressed. 3) Cross, at the level of budget gamepads. You will not be able to play a comfortable fighting game. 4) After the firmware, the gamepad stopped seeing the dongle. Everything is simple here, as it turned out, after each firmware of the gamepad, they again need to be "friends" with the dongle. To do this, when pairing, you need to hold down the buttons on the G + S gamepad, then it will reboot and work correctly. 01/10/23 The firmware is some kind of horror. The first 2.07 does not show the charge correctly, but it works stably, both via dongle and BT. The second firmware 2.27 shows the correct charge, but the gamepad simply stops responding via BT, and there are slight delays via the dongle. The third firmware 2.29-2.30 completely breaks the gamepad, both on Windows and on Ubuntu, when the gamepad is connected, both via dongle and BT, all sorts of things start to happen. The game randomly collapses, the explorer opens, I don’t want to describe in games at all. I reinstalled the firmware three times and always the same thing. The best option is 2.07. I'm lowering my rating to 1 star.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

    Awesome gamepad! For a VERY long time I was looking for something to replace the zadolbaliy "drift" controller'u (it will now be for fighting games), looked through a bunch of tests. The result - gamepads up to 5 thousand (and I don’t really want to spend more yet) all either with dead zones or without analog triggers. Gamesir was pleasantly surprised! I know that the "younger" version of T3s is also a very cool thing, but a little less functionality. T4 Pro - not bad, but with disadvantages…

    • - Let's start with. PRICE?! I bought for 2800. - Zero dead zones of sticks and triggers (well, sticks may have 0.1% at the beginning, triggers don't even have at the end, controller will be jealous). Yes, analog triggers. - No "sticking" to the axes (if you have it, download the ate on the gamepad to the latest version through the official application). - Connection to any devices and excellent support (unfortunately, it doesn't work with X360 =D, yes, I keep up with the times). - A good mount for any smartphone, but not always in a case. - "Whistle" in the case + good connection. - Charge indication. - Pleasant vibration feedback, customizable. - USB Type-C. - Very fast connection to devices, remembers everything, because there are different modes of operation, you do not need to drop one and connect to another each time. - Well, it's worth mentioning that for Japanese products, there is an option to swap the XYAB buttons.
    • It's more of my own quibbles. - I'm not very comfortable, I'm used to Sony. - Not a separate cross (it is practically not found in good models, unfortunately, probably only, again, in Sony and Gamesir T3s). - Gyro only for Switch. - Not "tight" sticks, I need "harder" =) Once I used Razer Onza TE (RIP), it could be adjusted there, I always had it on the hardest one. - No XYAB button illumination.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    The product is average, I'm not sure it's worth the money.

    Its pros: -Well assembled, pleasant tactile materials. - Own whistle included Some cons: -Gyro support ONLY ON SWITCH. -unlike ios, on android even supported applications are stupid, and to run on the rest you need to break your head, steaming in third-party programs. Otherwise, play asphalt9 and rejoice. -Cable for charging / connection - 1 meter, if not less. -Own application is an abomination, it's not for nothing that it has a score of 2 with a penny, I was convinced. -Lags even on PC. For…