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Review on πŸ”’ Lisle 22850 - Ultimate Hose Pincher for Efficient and Secure Sealing by Loren Jacobson

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent for brake lines

Worked great when I was replacing the brake calipers on my truck. The brakes still have to be bled, of course. The best way to bleed your brakes is with an empty water bottle and a small hose that fits into the brake bleeder. Drill a hole in the lid for the hose to go through and another very small hole next to it to let the air out. Unless you poke a small hole, pressurize the bottle and once you remove the hose from the outlet valve, squirt brake fluid all over the truck like I did. When you have done this: Connect the hose to the outlet valve and push it all the way into the bottle. Fill the bottle with enough brake fluid to cover the end of the hose. Loosen the outlet valve. Remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir. and fill in if necessary. Repeat until the air bubbles disappear. Close the outlet valve. Remove the hose. Fill the tank to the full mark.

  • Country of origin: China
  • Only available in black