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Review on G-STORY G STORY Portable Frameless External Speakers 15.6", High Dynamic Range, HDMI by Luis Jimenez

Stunning travel monitor with high brightness and fast response time

I needed a portable monitor because I travel a lot so this was a great solution! High brightness and low latency were two important factors that helped me choose this monitor. The default response time for most monitors is 10ms, but this monitor claims 3ms, which is impressive. You can connect it to your device via HDMI or USB-C (3.1). It worked flawlessly with my Dell Precision 5540 laptop with a USB-C to USB-C connection and I didn't notice any noticeable lag between screens as you can see in my video (it was within manufacturer's specs ). In this mode, no power supply is required, but the monitor boots at low brightness (10 out of 100). To maximize the brightness, you can either adjust it manually through your monitor's settings, or simply plug in the power adapter. The inconvenient part is that the monitor settings are reset when you turn it off, so I've chosen to always use the AC adapter even when USB-C is plugged in. You don't need to use a network adapter as you can connect it to your laptop using another USB-A port. So I used both cables that came with it, one from USB-C to USB-C (for data transfer) and the other from USB-C to USB-A on my laptop (for power). I also tried using a monitor with an HDMI port, but unfortunately the latency was unacceptable for my work (greater than the advertised 3ms). Since synchronization and freedom from delays between the primary and secondary monitors were important to me, only the USB-C interface was an option for me. The built-in speakers are surprisingly louder than my laptop's, but I wouldn't recommend setting the monitor volume above 80 out of 100 as it starts to sound like tin can speakers. Recently I've been having trouble connecting to my Samsung Galaxy S10e phone, but I wasn't trying hard enough. Needless to say, my phone is pretty dated by today's standards and doesn't have "wired projection" capability, so the monitor isn't the issue here. Overall I am very happy with this monitor!

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