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Review on 360 Rotatable IPad Keyboard Case With Backlit 10 Color For IPad 2018, 2017, Pro 9.7 And Air 2 & 1 - Thin, Light And Wireless/BT - Silver IPad Case With Keyboard by Jason Rogness

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Just what I was looking for

I have only had this for a day, however, I can point out some things that I like and do not like as my initial review and then revisit after owning it for a little while longer.What I do like:- It's construction. The materials are good and they keep the entire thing light. I have one for my wife's iPad that has solid construction but is heavier than this one.- I love the swivel feature. I can use this as a tablet on a whim. Comparing this one to my wife's.hers you have to detach the tablet (with the back casing of course). I like that my keyboard is always attached. I never have to worry about where to set it down nor do I have to remember where I set it down.- The viewing angles are perfect! I played a game on it last night and it was quite nice to be able to just take my hands off while the game was doing its thing and I didn't have to worry about the nuances of setting it down.- It's a pretty slim case to have a keyboard.- I can turn the keyboard off manually with a switch. Reconnecting is fast.literally a couple of seconds if that. Once the keyboard lights do the autotest and shut off, you're connected.- The keyboard is set up like any other laptop out there.granted it is small and compact. Typing is a breeze. This is all relative. My hands-on borderline medium (glove size), so they are not small, but small enough. Larger hands may find the use of these keyboards a bit more challenging.- The backlit keyboard is GREAT for low lit rooms! There is a dimming feature as well as the ability to change colors. I haven't found it's true purpose for me yet as I do not care for mood lighting, however, I am leaning on functional visibility of the colors. Red is great for keeping it stealthy, while the lighter colors like green really make the buttons pop out.- The pairing was just as easy as other Bluetooth devices. Be sure to read the included instructions if you are unsure. It really is easy, however.What I don't necessarily care for:- The casing is a little slippery with dry cold hands.- Opening the case can be tricky. I wish there was some sort of indentation on the lid and keyboard portion like a laptop has or perhaps just something that helps with opening the clamshell design.- The battery has a 3-year shelf life. That could easily mean that the battery may start to degrade after 2 years. Hopefully, by that time, there is a replacement because these little iPads are very powerful well after their years where the Android tablets are just dead. Just compare their resale value, year per year.That's about it right now. I truely do not have many things I do not like about this keyboard case. Again, this is the first full day of use. I do often go back to my reviews if there is something more to add or change.

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  • May be a waste of money for some users

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