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Review on 8Ft Easy-Mount Brushed Nickel Steel Bypass Double Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit With One-Piece Bracket For DIYHD Projects by Shawn Hill

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Let's back things up a bit, our original plan was to continue with an open floor plan Master Bathroom with no entry door. Due to limited space, changing this, meant we needed two 24"W doors. In shock on the price gouging of $400 per wooden barn door, we opted for PVC doors. My husband created an aluminum template the same diamensions of top of the door, implimenting the button (to REPLACE the tiny connection to soft close) and avoid the screws from ripping off the doors. We strongly recommend much heavier doors for best track performance. Using our ceiling beams, we created a temporary hoisting system to get a perfect balance for both doors.This product arrived as an open box, organizing the parts to verify all needed parts were received.The "plastic" soft close mechanism was damaged. For proof, we took a picture and hoped everything functioned correctly.Reading the reviews, we knew the printed installation guidelines were garbage. What we didn't foresee was the fact that the seller would respond that this soft close mechanism WASN'T adjustable.Sellers respond was "PLEASE add a handle" (in other word=weight).As my husband is mechanically savvy & nothing noted on installation guidelines, he figured out the soft close was set as the highest setting. the MANUFACTURER NEGLECTED TO IMPLEMENT A KNURL.TO ADJUST, simply place both thumbs on the circular tube underneath the soft close mechanism turning down, say 3 times. Get off the ladder/step stool, test sliding motion. Still hard to slide both doors to the center, repeat this process. Sliding either doors to the outer sides is awesome!Note: Use caution/the entire seller response.The soft close mechanism can not adjust,if we use the light mechanism,the teeth will be broken easliy.Could you please add a handle to help open the door panel?2 star rating: poor installation guide, no knurl, no seller assistance to loosen the tight tension of soft close.If we planned another installation, we'd prefer a stainless steel soft close version with user friendly adjustments.

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  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • The design is unattractive and clashes with modern décor

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