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Review on 24/7 Wall St. by Jimmy Centeno

24/7 Wall St: is a news portal.

24/7 Wall St: is a news portal, which provides the reader the opportunity to be informed as soon as possible of all events, has algorithms that provide news according to user interest, its portal can display various topics, but one of the sections where the news portal focuses more on the topic of crypto economy, where you can view the highlights of the market, other points of interest would be the industry, and the mechanical section, is a digital platform that has very complete sections full of information of all kinds, all content has easy viewing for both mobile versions, as for desktop versions, its home page has a small summary of the latest news, for general interest, is a carrier that has had a strong growth in the market their rates for advertising and private news much depending on the type of publication, its categories are well organized for readers, all with a close link to the market, the economy and finance, generally speaking, is a website that simplifies much the type of news to publish focusing directly with the news of greater economic relevance, which may have for the reader.

Pros & cons

  • Its website is simple and practical to read, as it does not have complex visualization systems.
  • The quality of the news, as well as their frequency and publication depend directly on the portal.
  • It covers a large part of the news in a generative way, its categories help readers to focus directly on their interest.
  • We are in 2021, that a web portal does not have a mobile application is a weak point that has to be studied seriously, more than 75% of the world's users have phones, the way to get there faster would be with an application.
  • It does not have many languages for readers.
  • Not available offline.