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Review on Portable Monitor HAMTYSAN Speakers External 15.6", 1920X1080, 60Hz, 便携, HD by Randy Tolbert

Wow! Finally deserved! Not bad for its class, but not perfect.

I have to be honest with my rating. It took three attempts to get a working monitor. The first had no backlight. (Although the second unit may have been returned as the cables weren't neatly tucked away and the MENU button was broken.) The third works fine. Whether it is a 4 or 2 star product just depends on your situation. HAMTYSAN's customer support has been GREAT, but I can't tell if it was affected by being a reviewer. ADVANTAGES: If your device supports it, you can use this monitor with just ONE USB-C cable that delivers both power and image. FABULOUS! Big display. FINE! Slim, light, stylish - great portability. Reasonable price. HDMI and USB-C input. their early production units. I hope it was just a bad batch. Weak menu button. I'm worried it will break. Brightness, contrast, color could be better (see next section) PICTURE QUALITY: Honestly I'm comparing this alongside an Apple Retina display and a BenQ 4K monitor - both extremely strong competition. As far as permission goes, I have no complaints. The picture is crisp and as sharp as a 1920's display can get. Like almost ALL budget monitors, the color reproduction does not impress me. I'm a photographer and will NEVER use this monitor for photo editing, but for everything else it's pretty good. Based on the video test chart, I was once again happy with the resolution, but the monitor didn't do a good job of reproducing grayscale (although the screen isn't as bright, all three brightest squares looked the same. I found lowering the contrast to 45 stretches it actually covers the entire grayscale range (yes!), but with that lower contrast, the colors are a little less saturated and muddy - not bad, but far from perfect.. When I think everything is set up well, I go for a few minutes back to my mac's screen and then look again at an external monitor and realize it's off I just can't get a true neutral bright white the closest I get is RGB 58,52,52 - which should be a little warm, but white still has a slight blue-green tint It requires more contrast or brightness, but as you increase it you gradually lose dynamic range (Den remember: This is pretty much the same experience I've had countless times with One Screen. It's still a "typical" (if not great) result compared to most.) SUMMARY: Excellent portability, "good" resolution and clarity. Better than many budget monitors. Color/contrast "acceptable" for its class, compared to more professional monitors "poor". Reasonable price. more to get high color fidelity. If you're focused on the need for more screen real estate while you're on the go, for just about any other task, or if you want video to be displayed with decent resolution and sharpness over HDMI, then this option is highly recommended. Finally. , let me reiterate I am impressed with many aspects of this product but I can't say I like the brightness/color accuracy compared to the high end screens I'm used to BUT I don't think so You will find a better one in this price range. Hope that helps!

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Pros & cons

  • HDR mode and two speakers
  • sad packaging

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