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Review on ADVENOR Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike With Arm Resistance Bands And Backrest For Comfortable Home Fitness by Todd Roybal

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great bike for the value, just a few drawbacks

Found this bike by chance after being put on a diet by my doctor. For the price, it's a great buy. The rundown for me goes as follows.Pros:-Great for shorties like me. I'm 5'2" and finding a bike that fits my stature is hard. This one nails it.-Foldable, which is super convenient if you live in a small space like I do.-Straightforward. It's fairly easy to use. You don't really need to read the menu instructions but they are available.-Isn't too difficult to assemble. It took me closer to an hour to do on my own, but a lot of the screws were already in where they should go, which is helpful. If you have soft hands, do as the booklet says and wear gloves! The instruction booklet lays it all out for you to easily understand.-Good tension options for a challenging workout. I don't need much, but for me, putting it past level 3 will get me sweating, which is good.-Relatively quiet. There is a soft clunking sound that will go off every 4 to 5 rotations but it isn't anything loud. Other than that, it's pretty quiet. You can barely hear it over the tv.Cons:-The seat could be way better. I don't know in what universe this seat is soft, but it isn't this one. Doing 37 mins of exercise the first time left me with a numb and bruised bottom. I had to order a seat cushion, so hopefully, that will help. I assume this will vary from person to person depending on one's weight, but I would never call this seat comfortable. At least the seat is wide.-If you are short like me and use the last seat adjustment hole, you have to adjust the seat up, putting it higher by a notch or two in order to fold the bike properly. When you don't, the pointed edge of the seat knocks into the cellphone/mp3 holder, preventing it from closing fully. I just went ahead and removed the holder.-It's tricky to get on and off the bike. If you have some joint issue or a disability, this could be a major drawback. I have to swing onto the bike like it's a horse because the handle bars connected to the seat get in the way. But they can be removed. It'd just be better if they could be folded back.Other than that, it's an overall great bike for the price. But of all the cons, I really wish the seat was more comfortable. I could've saved myself money from having to buy a bike cushion, which aren't cheap at all.EDIT: buying a bike seat cushion and bike-riding shorts helps a lot with the saddle soreness!EDIT TWO 3/22/21: I have been successfully losing weight and building muscles in my thighs and calves using this baby 4 to 5 times a week!

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  • Upright & Relined Positions
  • The bike might not be suitable for users with limited mobility

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