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Review on ADVENOR Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike With Arm Resistance Bands And Backrest For Comfortable Home Fitness by Kevin Griffin

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Just what I wanted and needed!

I wanted a very affordable, compact, easy to use exercise bike that would fit easily is my semi-small home. and also have a back rest. This works perfectly!First about the assembly: I won't tell you how long it took me to put together, because it took me way too long. But that is because I am the least handy, mechanically inclined person you will ever meet. But they really did their best to make it idiot proof to put together. You have the main frame/base and then just attach the pedals, seat, monitor, and handle bars. (I did not put on the pulley/resistance bands, because I really didn't need or want them. I just wanted the bike.) All the parts come with the screws you need for them attached, so it not like you have to match those up yourself. An important note: you are given a customer service email if you have any issues- it is totally legit, so keep it. When putting it together there was one part that did not have the screws on it because it was already on the bike. I emailed them, sending them a picture of the bike I had assembled so far and the part in question, and within hours (and I emailed them around 8pm) they emailed back circling on my picture where on the bike the screws were located.Some other notes:I have not used the fold feature. You are supposed to adjust the seat height first and move this pin, that my fumbly hands struggled with in assembly. Since it is so compact and light, it's just easier for me to just pick up and place in the corner of my room when done with it and want it out of the way or in the middle of the room when I want to use it.If you have bad knees this might not be the bike for you. I can feel it in my knees a bit when using it. However I think that is just due to the style of bike. It is totally upright. For bad knees you may want a recline bike.If you are one of those people who like to stand up when riding a bike, I don't know that this is the right one for you either. I haven't tried it, and wouldn't since I don't ride like that, but could see some issues, like the wheels in the front base- there for easy maneuvering when you want to move the bike.

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  • Most Comfortable Exercise Bike
  • The arm resistance bands might not be adjustable for different user heights

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