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Review on Dell U4320Q UltraSharp Business Warranty: πŸ’» Flicker-Free, LED, LCD, HD, IPS 4K Monitor by Kyam Davis

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Big; impressive; useful for certain applications

With a few exceptions, it's great for my home office. Here are my recommendations and my thoughts on the monitor and what I want to consider before purchasing this monitor: 1. Don't try to see everything on the screen at once. Use the Dell Display Manager to organize your workspace into grids so you can arrange windows to help you be more productive. I like to have my Microsoft Word doc (in two-page mode) right in front of me at a comfortable eye level, and then place other windows (Word doc in single-page view, Google Doc, email, reference materials, etc.). .) peripheral vision, where I can turn my head to look at them if necessary. I usually use Word in the left two-thirds of the screen and divide the right third into two or three squares for my other windows. Sometimes when multitasking, I split the monitor into four parts. I almost never have a window that fills the entire screen unless I'm using Photoshop or Lightroom.2. With all that screen real estate, it's possible to stare at the lamp when you're on the white pages. To reduce glare, I put Word, the web browser, and other applications in dark mode. I also lowered the brightness a bit.3. Again, with a screen this big, it's like staring into a lamp. Therefore, to block out all blue light, I recommend selecting the Comfort View mode in the Dell Display Manager. This makes the screen less blue (more sepia) and lets you use other controls to customize it to your liking. Turn off Comfort View when editing photos or doing work where color accuracy is important. Color and clarity in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom look great on this display. same customization options as Dell's other top monitors. So what should I consider before buying this monitor? pixel density. I devote most of my time to reading and writing text, and I think if this monitor had a higher pixel density then text viewing could be more enjoyable. The pixel density of this 43-inch Dell laptop is 103 ppi. It doesn't look as sharp and contrasty as my Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, which has a 15-inch, 201ppi screen. I'd love to use a Dell 43-inch, but when the Microsoft Surface Studio 3 comes out in 2021 with a pixel density of 192ppi or maybe higher (specs not yet announced as of December 2020) I'll probably sell a 43-inch. "Dell and switch to Surface Studio to present it to my eyes.

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  • This product corresponds to the description.
  • Bad ergonomics

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