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Review on Z Z-EDGE Monitor FreeSync Connectivity Virtually Ultra Slim 32", 3840X2160, Built In Speakers, Flicker Free, IPS, 4K, HDMI by Akshar Griggs

What progress... wow

When ordering this monitor, I was very concerned that 27 inches is too small for 4K resolution. I was wrong, very wrong. To be honest I love everything about this monitor. I love the brightness, the detail, just the sheer brilliance of everything I do with it. While my gaming days are all but over, I haven't experienced absolutely zero ghosting in any video I've watched with this thing, so I have to assume you won't be disappointed even at high frame rates while gaming. I can't find any dead pixels, nothing to complain about in terms of brightness, detail, viewing angles and most importantly, what probably matters most to me personally, text sharpness. Nothing drives me nuts more than soft or fuzzy text on a screen and maybe it's just that I have good eyesight and I can see it and it really makes me want to trash the monitor which I used to do before have done. If you've thought about buying such a monitor, I assume you understand that 4K resolution at 100% screen size results in very small text, icons, etc. in windows. However, Windows or any other operating system automatically compensates for this the moment you plug it in. I say that with the assumption that it's associated with fairly modern hardware, and particularly a graphics card that can handle that resolution with ease. I currently keep the windows zoomed to 150% and sometimes depending on what I'm doing I drop it down to 125 but that's the lowest I go. At the moment it is used on a Thunderbolt dock via the display port ... . Did I mention it's beautiful? Despite the extremely thin edge of the plastic cover at the top and bottom, you still have about a quarter inch of black border on the face of the panel itself, so you don't have a screen image that extends to the very edge of the monitor. At least with other monitors, a lot of people complain about it, but unless you're spending an insane amount of money on a computer monitor, it's literally as good as almost anything I've seen, and even costs twice as much. market right now. If you ask me about things I would like then I suggest it has a much more capable and commercial stand that allows me height adjustment so I can rotate it. to portrait mode and so on. But this is a sub-$300 monitor with incredible brightness and detail in 4K resolution, and I can't complain about that. I can get and by the way already have a hydraulic mount for $50 which gives me everything I need for this monitor. other types of applications would be a critical factor. But for my purposes as a hobby photographer and digital artist, it's just great for me. Five big stars and best wishes to Z-Edge for the future. Incidentally, I hadn't heard of the Z-Edge until recently and am very impressed and expecting that they will immediately rise to the top of the competitive monitor market.

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