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Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.
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Review on The Next Women by Kehinde Oluwakemi

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The Next Women Was Created To Support Women Entrepreneur.

Many country and culture look down on women while looks at men as superior to women, in order to bridge the gap The Next Women was created. It was founded by Simone Brummelhuis and team in 2009 at London. The team consist of professional in the fields of growth, partnerships and projects with the aim of establishing change and to progress into a culture of true equality.
It offer wide range of educational programs, mentoring and a lot of network to help the women entrepreneurs to build a successful business, it invest in female entrepreneurship and help companies to actively establish change and equality. The Next Womn partner with boardroom, municipalities, ministries, banks, VCs, accelerate programs and knowledge institutions to help bridge the gap by bring the real change and create a culture that allow more authenticity, opportunities and growth.
The Next Womn help women entrepreneurs to meet peers, mentors, investors and supportive group that help them to build their business and become co-founder or CEO through NETWORK.
It use COURSES that contain several session like boardroom session, coaching hours, fempower your growth, founders focus club and others to help entrepreneurs to runs their business.
And lastly it use CAPITAL known as funding morning that allow entrepreneurs to present their business before the investors which could resulted to the growth of their company.
Although, The Next Women was created to support women entrepreneurs to build, run and grow their company, it also allow men to partner with them so as to raise capital. The company can be contacted via email, phone call if there is appointment, and office address.
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  • It support entrepreneurs to build, run and grow their company using Network, Courses and Capital.
  • It help to creat a culture that allow equality.
  • It partner with many investors and accelerator to raise funds and support the entrepreneurs.
  • It was created to bridge the gap of men superiority
  • No negative side for now.