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Coworking Spaces, Micro VCs

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Revainrating 5 out of 5

The Next Women Was Created To Support Women Entrepreneur.

Many country and culture look down on women while looks at men as superior to women, in order to bridge the gap The Next Women was created. It was founded by Simone Brummelhuis and team in 2009 at London. The team consist of professional in the fields of growth, partnerships and projects with the aim of establishing change and to progress into a culture of true equality. It offer wide range of educational programs, mentoring and a lot of network to help the women entrepreneurs to…

  • It support entrepreneurs to build, run and grow their company using Network, Courses and Capital.
  • It help to creat a culture that allow equality.
  • It partner with many investors and accelerator to raise funds and support the entrepreneurs.
  • It was created to bridge the gap of men superiority
  • No negative side for now.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A project on The Next Women is here again!

TheNext women is set up with a mission to speed up your advancement by offering a wide scope of instructive projects, tutoring and a ton of systems administration. Thusly,it put resources into female business venture and help assist organizations with effectively assembling a climate of consideration and correspondence. It utilizes insight, organization and our cash-flow to make a culture that considers greater realness, openings and development. Furthermore,it is described as an opened…

  • It is solely an independent project that takes no external ideas from other companies in other to fuel it own firm.
  • Financial stability and Capital creative project.
  • It develops an outstanding and supportable connection with new investors.
  • It creates the best platform to tutor other entrepreneurs.
  • They only negative aspect of this company happens to be that most of it profit initiative are for women alone.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My research and review about The Next Women

The Next Woman is an organization that that operates by teams of professionals that are in the Field's of partnership, growth and even projects. The founder is the next women is Simone Brummelhius, according to me, I will like to tell you that the purpose of the establishment of the next women is to influence female entrepreneurs and help them grow to the extent of developing the world technology research, and they are even there to help strong exclusive Companies and even help build Companies

  • The help female entrepreneurs to achieve what they dream for
  • They are also here to promote technology research
  • Nothing negative about them that I found