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Review on JBL Horizon Bluetooth Ambient Charging Home Audio by Chu Mei Hua ᠌

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

I was looking for a kitchen radio and it turned out to be quite a problem. Either these are rattles for 1500 with an incomprehensible signal quality or devices with a cost of 7-8 thousand for just a radio with a very relative appearance. There was also a radio and just a column, and so on. Those and the radio are there and the gadget lover is happy at heart. Radio: perfectly catches with its cord, sound quality without hiss. It is possible to set 5 stations in memory. Column: everything is like everyone else, good sound. Bluetooth connection and all. Clock: I can see everything, although it is on the window. Very rarely, they dim the screen a little, but after a second it becomes bright. Alarm clock: I didn’t use it, but everything is like everyone else’s - a big button on top, but otherwise everything should work as standard. The lamp, such a nice night light, can probably be used as a backlight when working at a computer at night, but the backlight is on the back of the device, so it's more to take something from the bedside table at night, and not to replace the lamp. Charging: Two USB ports. Charges, what else can I say. This is probably convenient when such a device is by the bed, but I don’t have a special need. All sorts of extras: there is a sleep timer and something else, but I don’t use it. Case: since I put it on the windowsill, I was afraid that there would be more protrusions on the antennas and the cord. Everything turned out to be thought out, in fact it is under the device and the wires can be bent immediately along the body. Not very clear explained, but I think someone needs to understand. The case is nice, in my case I would replace the speaker protection chopper with metal, but if you use a rag in the room, it's even better. It would be nice to leave only the plug on the cord, but this also has its advantages, since the cord with such a box can be changed to another if something burns out there without disassembling the device. My screen is bright, no problems. Management: I personally do not really like it, not very obvious switching of stations and button-columns, the radio could be convex, and it's not always visible. The rest is like everyone else. Otherwise, I highly recommend, a good unit.

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Pros & cons

  • Combination of radio, speakers, bluetooth connection and clock. Plus you can charge your devices.
  • - the rag protection of the speaker was replaced by metal, as I have it in the kitchen; - I would leave only the plug on the cord; - management is not very convenient, but this is the case on all such devices. I wish there were more variety of colors.