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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Smart column Apple HomePod mini, gray space

Compact Design with Superior Audio Quality

The Apple HomePod mini, in space gray, is a highly anticipated addition to the world of home audio. Crafted for enthusiasts of high-quality audio equipment, this smart speaker delivers studio sound in a compact form. Despite its reduced dimensions compared to its predecessor, the HomePod mini retains its exceptional sound quality. Its miniature speaker cabinet boasts advanced performance that will impress even the most discerning audio connoisseurs. With a sleek mesh cover, the design not only enhances the speaker's functionality but also complements any room or interior.

Next-Generation S5 Processor for Enhanced Performance

At the core of the HomePod mini lies the next-generation S5 processor, a vital component that drives its impressive capabilities. This advanced processor ensures seamless execution of key acoustic functions, including uninterrupted audio playback without buffering, wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, and the utilization of AirPlay 2. Voice control via Siri allows for convenient hands-free operation, while echo cancellation enhances the overall listening experience. Moreover, the S5 processor enables effortless stereo pairing of two HomePod mini speakers, facilitating communication with your family from any room. Embrace the comfort and safety that this cutting-edge technology brings to your home.

Unleash the Power of AirPlay for an Immersive Audio Experience

With AirPlay technology, the Apple HomePod mini takes your audio streaming to new heights. Seamlessly connect your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, as well as Mac, to enjoy a wide range of content directly through this smart speaker. Immerse yourself in your favorite music, podcasts, or movies, and experience the convenience of wireless streaming. Whether you're relaxing in your living room, cooking in the kitchen, or even hosting a gathering, the HomePod mini's versatile functionality and superior sound quality make it the perfect companion. Let it elevate your home entertainment to a whole new level.

Where Can You Benefit from the Apple HomePod mini?

Experience the Apple HomePod mini's incredible capabilities in various settings and scenarios. Here are some ways this exceptional smart speaker can be utilized:

  • In your living room, create an immersive home theater experience by pairing two HomePod minis for stereo sound.
  • In your bedroom, wake up to your favorite tunes with the HomePod mini's alarm and timer functions.
  • In your kitchen, follow recipe instructions hands-free by asking Siri to read them aloud while you cook.
  • In your home office, enjoy background music or take conference calls with the HomePod mini's excellent audio quality.
  • In your outdoor space, bring the party to life with the portable and weather-resistant HomePod mini.
  • Apple HomePod mini is the most long-awaited new product for connoisseurs of high-quality audio equipment with studio sound. The reduction in the dimensions of the HomePod mini case, in comparison with the "predecessor", in no way affected the sound quality. In a miniature speaker cabinet, the developers have managed to embody advanced performance.The updated next-generation S5 processor is a critical component of HomePod mini''s internal design. It is he who ensures the effective execution of the main functions of acoustics: uninterrupted audio playback without buffering, wireless Wi-Fi connection, use of AirPlay 2, voice control via Siri, echo cancellation during playback, and much more. Thanks to the new technology, you can easily pair a pair of HomePods into a stereo pair and communicate with your family from any room. This increases both the comfort and safety of your loved ones.On the outside, the design of the Apple HomePod mini has a mesh cover that is both stylistic and functional. It contributes to a more balanced sound by spreading the sound waves over 360 degrees. But in addition to the functional component, the design of the coating will be appropriate in any room and in any interior.Acoustics Apple HomePod mini supports AirPlay technology, which is designed to stream music and other content directly from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) or Apple TV, Mac. In addition, it is thanks to AirPlay that the column is integrated into the Apple HomeKit system, and can be used as a home center (hub) for centralized control of a smart home. With just HomePod mini, you can control the lights in another room or the alarm in your garage from the comfort of your couch or desk.Simple playback controls make using Apple HomePod mini (2020) even more comfortable. The touch panel on the upper end of the acoustics responds even to second touches: with one touch of your finger, you can start/stop the music, make it louder/quieter or switch the track. Siri, like on any other device, performs the function of a voice assistant, but thanks to the new technological filling, this shell has received a number of additional innovations.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

    Siri is in English, the problem is not even in the language, but in the fact that because of this many functions are not available, but in general this should simply be accepted as a fact, for me personally it did not become a big problem.

    • Clear sound, enough volume for a small room. The center of my smart home, everything is tied to Homekit, it works great. The intercom function is a separate, extremely cool feature.
    • In general, apart from the white power adapter, I can’t find it for a dark speaker.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A valuable purchase, some advantages!

    I am satisfied with the purchase when buying, consider: - there is no 2022 language and most likely will not be - power supply plugs are European, but the power supply is removable and can be replaced

    • sound quality and volume relative to size accurate sound synchronization with connected devices high-quality autonomous work even understands broken English build quality and design quality braided cord 20v power supply included
    • lack of bluetooth, therefore only apple devices can be connected

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A valuable purchase, some advantages!

    I don’t turn on more than 60% of the volume, because. it gets really loud. Set up a smart home, just magically. Automation is everything.

    • The design is stylish, the quality of the materials is excellent. Simple and quick to set up. The sound, for the size of the speaker, is simply cosmic. Siri hears me, with the music on, even from another room, although I'm not yelling, but just talking.
    • Do not paw the column with dirty hands, because. body ~ fabric - gets dirty.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The quality is top notch, be sure to try it.

    does not always respond to "Hello Siri" but the screen is on and recognizes requests, it may be corrected in the next firmware version

    • Music quality, works as a hub for remote control of "Smart Home"
    • I didn’t want to ate via wi-fi to the latest firmware version, the “scientific method of poke” helped put the ate on download. switched to mobile Internet, after some time returned to the home wi-fi network, the ate downloaded, but it took a very long time to install, perhaps this is due to the beta version of ios on the phone

    When Siri is taught the year 2022 on a speaker (which I don't understand what's keeping me from doing, considering what I can do on my phone), then it may be deemed a speaker for a smart home. It is unfortunate that there is no 2022. Some pros: Sound that was quite unexpectedly cool for such a small item. Incredible compatibility with Apple's hardware and software Having these drawbacks: To answer your question, no, there is not a Siri in 2022. If this component is missing, the device loses a…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

    Although the sound does not shine, it still envelops and creates a pleasant background sound, which is very important for such a speaker and which most speakers do not have. Its pros: - Nice sound with 3d effect - Compact size - Beautiful design - Understands English commands well, even when music is playing - You can control the smart home with commands Cons below: - The sound is still a little worse than I expected. Lacks detail in the mids and richness in the bass.

    I bought for a summer residence. I'm thinking of buying a second speaker to create a stereo pair. Although the sound is so voluminous. Has pros: Great sound, remote control of Apple HomeKit smart home devices. Its cons: Siri only speaks English. Which, however, does not really matter, since you can give 2022 commands via a mobile phone.

    Still, this is not a simple Bluetooth speaker, you can only stream sound through the AirPlay protocol. You can activate and configure only from an iOS device. And if you stream sound from third-party platforms, you need support for this protocol; for Android devices, for example, you need to install the paid AirMusic application and root your smartphone.

    • Great sound for this price. I created a stereo pair with the second HomePod mini and was blown away by the power and sound quality, relative to such a miniature size. AirPlay - lossless compression, i. E. lossless compression during streaming. Although this is more of a whim. Laconic and pleasant design. Manufacturing quality. Unlike . Station, there are no false positives from the voice assistant.
    • For some, the lack of support for the 2022 language in voice control will be a problem. Moreover, during setup, it will force you to switch the Siri language to English, even on a smartphone. The wire is non-removable, which means that in some cases it will be necessary to use extension cords, and if the wire is also damaged, then you will have to contact the SC. AirPlay / HomeKit - there are problems with playback control: the speakers will play sound, and the application on the smartphone from which the stream was started loses control over them, and even the system itself can disconnect from them, but at the same time it remains possible to control through the Smart Home application. I also took it as a hub for a smart home, hoping for stabilization of the motion sensors and an automation script, but in the end I did not notice any difference with the hub on AppleTV or iPad. The two touch volume buttons are hard to see from a distance or in the dark.

    In general, an excellent speaker (a pair of such speakers combined into a stereo pair) for your money Although at first I did not like their sound, until I bought . Station. Everything is relative

    • - Sound quality - 2022 language support (finally) - Smart home control - Noisy (in a stereo pair it yells quite loudly for such babies)
    • - Attachment only to Apple Music (there is no way to configure it so that music plays only from . Music, for example. Only via AirPlay - No way to connect to a Windows computer, only Mac. Although it may be good, because it's still "fun" to watch movies or YouTube on them. In the sense that there is some kind of delay in playback. You can see everything on the video

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The product did not disappoint, the quality pleases.

    I want to put commands just like "Siri", but only possible through "Hey Siri". Not everyone will like it. Pros below: Great sound for such a baby, when compared with Marusya or . Station mini. If you get a speaker for listening to music, then this is HomePod! Music, podcasts, easy directions, smart home. It is not suitable for communication. If you want to talk to AI, then you should go to Alice, and you can ask there and order a taxi and much more, but Siri is not very talkative. Has cons: It

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A valuable purchase, some advantages!

    I have been wanting this speaker for my smart home for a long time. Everything seems to be fine, but it often falls off during playback (I sin on a ty router). A lot of people love the sound. So: it is very weak here for such a column. There are practically no low frequencies. I took the second column in a stereo pair. So it turns out that if you ask Siri to play music, then only one column will play. I tried to watch movies with them: interruptions for 1-2 seconds sometimes and crackles (like…

    • Ease of connection, design, quality of materials and embly.
    • The sound is weak, the American unit with a plug, breaks often occur.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Best I have ever used, great product for anyone!

    For the price that I took (8900 somewhere), I am immensely pleased with this baby. Plays juicy, powerful. From the category is small, but removed. The launch sound is even more epic than on the Mac, turned on and realized that it was some kind of spaceship). Siri understands in a whisper, in a calm voice and loudly, speak as you like. I took it mainly for HomeKit, with which it does an excellent job, but now it also serves to create a home audio atmosphere. At the same time, the music on the…

    • deep sound Ecosystem Integration Can be used as a HomeKit hub Added support for matter in 16.1 ate Understands even in a whisper Ability to use in tandem with Mac in Apple Music (there is sound on both Mac and HomePod at the same time, the sound really syncs, there is some kind of club effect, it sounds cool) Ability to create stereo pairs from multiple HP Minis Can hold iPhone on HomePod cover and transfer music to and from HP (Tested on iPhone XR)
    • Not enough teams American plug, not euro

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

    The sound on the Ya. Station mini is just as good, and in some places better than that of the HomePod Mini. In general, they have parity in sound, compared head-on on 5 compositions of different styles. I have a couple of minis at home and, of course, they are much more convenient to manage a smart home than Siri. I took the speaker just to be, I didn’t expect strong impressions from the device, and that’s good. Because there is no where to get strong impressions from. Overall, I'm satisfied…

    • 1. Apple design is beautiful as always. 2. Normal sound from the speaker, although . (see comment) 3. Siri finally spoke 2022. 4. The original American came to me in a shipping box and factory films. 5. After activation, I checked the warranty and . yes. Activation date = start date of the warranty. A year's global warranty is better than nothing, hello Samsung.
    • 1. Out of the box, I had firmware 14.4, which does not support the 2022 language. 2. The column gobbled up 1.5 giga of ates only from the third time. It precipitated twice, but in the end, after 5 hours, it was able to and was ated. 3. Corrupt, deaf and hearingless streamers/bloggers/users praise the speaker for its quality sound. don't tell my slippers, the sound is quite mediocre (see comment). 4. Timeout before playback 1-2 seconds in all streaming services (music, movies, YouTube). No, it does not lag behind the picture, it just starts up a couple of seconds after pressing play. There is no out of sync with the picture by sound.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Average quality, not an outstanding product.

    I have been using two speakers at once since late December. The two-second delay that occurs anytime I play music in Spotify and select to play, pause, or play again the currently playing track is their biggest and fattest drawback, and it frustrates me the most. This is to the furthest degree aggravating. The HomePod tiny has had this problem for more than a year, and the original HomePod model has had it for more than three years. I've been informed that the evil AirPlay 2 is to blame for…

    • sound, pair cooperation, and external presentation
    • There is a 2 second lag when Spotify plays music. Because of how annoying this is, you receive three points.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I was surprised by the quality for the price.

    Because I have a lot of doubts about the validity of such acoustics, at first I didn't even consider the possibility that I would write for this column. But after looking at the video and reading the evaluations, I've come to the conclusion that I want to give it a shot. I purchased it on the market for a price that was just little higher than the usual, but the kit came with a 2022 plug, which is used throughout Europe. By the sound. It took me by complete surprise. Despite the fact that the…

    • Sound Design Integration into the Apple eco-system Braided wire was incorporated in the power supply Work speed
    • There are still instances in which 2022 Siri does not receive sufficient support. To this day, transferring music from an iPhone via Touch has not been successful (albeit this is not Apple's responsibility).

    The most important thing is to position it such that the sound is heard from all sides of the room without having to raise the level.

    • This is an awesome description. Superior to all JBL and Alice models Smart home and music control functions are quite cool. Conveniently switch between your tablet and mobile device. Siri is so amazing, and it can be operated with a very basic knowledge of English, that an ate might be released around 2022, and a new language might emerge around the same time. Listens attentively even over a noisy environment or a soft conversation.
    • -