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32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

I received this miracle of technology, they brought it on time, the box was without damage. The TV is well packed, no visible defects. When I turned on and connected to Wi-Fi, I immediately found and installed the firmware, I liked the image quality, the sound, it seemed to me, was decent for such a TV (turned on the surround sound) in the contrast and brightness settings did not drip, everything suits me so well. 1st day, the response of the remote control is good, everything switches quickly, See full review

heated massage pillow for neck and back massage pillow 8 rollers logo

It works flawlessly, the power is small, but sufficient. It works on the principle: 1 press - massage, 2 presses - heating, backlight + massage, 3 presses - turn off the massager.See full review

box stanley fatmax 1-95-615, 49.7x29.3x29.5 cm, 20"" , grey-black logo

A review of my experience.An excellent box - I was especially pleased with the embossing on the lid so that your feet do not slip when you stand on it.See full review

well pump grundfos sb 3-45 aw (1050 w) logo

The pump worked flawlessly for the season. Stands in a well with a diameter of 0.9m. Took with a margin of power. Now I understand that it was necessary to take the 35th. This one is very productive, for me with a lot of excess. At the same time, 6 points of water consumption + pumping water into the irrigation tank 3m3. The problem with the float and the hose did not affect me, as there was at least 2 m of water above the pump all the time.See full review

cable usb 2.0 type a - b audioquest forest usb a-b 0.75m logo

Providing an unbiased perspective.Thin but dense cable, it bends well, the connectors are tight, the video and sound do not spoil, everything is clear . )See full review

ch341a bios eeprom programmer with soic8 sop8 programming clip for 93cxx eeprom (with clip) logo

Foolishly filled up bios on an asus k53sc laptop. With the help of this device and a dump from the Internet, I restored bios. Used a clothespin-rolled. The laptop is working. I'm happy)See full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

Pros: The buttons are nice to press, you can switch the speed on the mouse With its cons: Sometimes the sensor sags and the battery cover falls out a little, but not oftenSee full review

roland fp-10 digital piano black logo

On two copies in a row, one of the black keys clicked distinctly when pressed (each had its own). On the first copy, this was clearly manifested a week later (one clicked directly, several started) - they sent it to the service, they recognized the marriage, the store provided a new one in return, but it already showed the same thing when unpacking / inspecting it. Even on the first episode I contacted Roland, their employee said it happens once in a hundred, it is unlikely to happen again on aSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

The cuff size L is from 32 to 45 cm, it’s too big for me, my forearm diameter is 35 cm, so I have to wrap a lot of the cuff around my arm, which is not very convenient. It would be more logical to release after the standard cuff up to 32 cm, some intermediate version of the cuff size, for me personally it would be more convenient. Some pros: Measures blood pressure fairly accurately. When inflating the cuff up to 30 units. goes gently, and then increases the inflation, which probably affects theSee full review

digital piano casio px-s1000 white logo

Has pros: Great piano for the price! The sound is very good. Excellent minimalist design. It is worth noting the ability to connect the phone via bluetooth - a convenient feature. Its cons: I repeat once again that for the money this is probably the best option for a digital piano. After the synthesizer, there are not enough accompaniments. Also, in some places, the sensitivity of the keys is still not enough, but it is almost imperceptible.See full review


I saw expert answers there that, like, you multiply something by 3.7 volts and you get 24000A, you sell the device for starting a car and not for charging phones, if anything, there are ordinary power banks for this. The maximum charged it with its 2A charge, no more than 10000A according to the estimated time. THIS DEVICE IS RECEIVED FOR CHARGING PHONES, and not to start the car. Disappointed with purchase, waste of money.See full review


I have two cats: Maine Coon and Kurilian Bobtail. Appee is great! Feed other food, more expensive. Kuribobika had problems with digestion and was very careful with her diet. Last summer, due to the pandemic, we stayed with them for a long time in the village, it is impossible to buy our food. With tears, I transferred to Purina One. And what a surprise it was that it fit us perfectly! Digestion improved, wool shone, seals are cheerful and healthy! And a significant budget savings. Moreover, freqSee full review


Great multimeter. Everything works, the dialer beeps. After a week of use, the red wire fell off - soldered. Then black. While I screwed it up, since there is no soldering iron at hand, but this did not affect the operation of the multimeter in any waySee full review


The family uses several bicycles and scooters, I also bought an electric one for my wife. With such requests: 250W, folding, 20 "wheels, front shock absorber - there is almost nothing to choose from. Of course, there are more models in stores, only in the summer of 2022 there was almost nothing in stock. And this model could be chosen from a supplier convenient for you and even catch discounts. The bike comes in a box, clearly packed at the factory. The build quality surprised me at first. ImmedSee full review

jbl tune flex wireless headphones, black ghost logo

How did I live before without them? Don't know. They gave me the convenience of movement and a new perception of my favorite music: it turns out that Gorillaz "Dare" has excellent bass that I had not even noticed before. I now have a new phobia - I'm afraid of losing them. Its pros: They fit perfectly in the ears thanks to the membranes, but do not put pressure on the ear canal like plugs, due to which they are very comfortable. There are very few wireless earbuds, mostly ear plugs (I tried a loSee full review


Personal insights on this item.Once withstood a flight with cargo from Hong Kong to Mauritania and back. While it is worth waiting in the wings.See full review


A good choice for home workouts. There were no technical problems. The main thing is to follow the instructions and the banal rules for using treadmills.See full review


I recommend to buy! Different pros: I liked the filter, coped with the declared functions, purifies the water well. Cons: During installation, we did not use a tap from the kit, to connect to another tap I had to buy an adapter, it was not included in the kit.See full review


Has pros: Everything is fine with the food - the stars are reduced for the delivery! In terms of quality - I have a French bulldog boy, neutered. I've been feeding him since I got Monge lamb/rice since he was 2 months old, first puppy, now for an adult. Ttt, for a dog - physically developed, we have no allergies (again ttt! ), Thick and shiny coat, no dandruff, Clean ears and eyes. In addition to food, I do not give any additives and vitamins (well, only delicacies sometimes - pate and stew froSee full review


Different pros: Any TV with HDMI input becomes modern. The box is placed behind the TV and is not visible. The TV is controlled by the . With its cons: Can't order a second same device for another TV with the same monthly subscription without buying right away.See full review

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