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Review on Venly Market by Morenike Omomogbe

The First Multi-Blockchain NFT marketplace

Venly Market is the first multi-blockchain NFT marketplace, the platform offers selling and buying of several digital products like game items, collectibles, digital arts, and so on. It was founded in 2008, and has it's headquarters located in Willebroek, Belgium. Today, the platform has grown to serve users from across the globe, boasting of over 200,000 plus users.
The platform provides users with easy and effective usage services, an example of that is it's wallet which makes Blockchain very easy to user due to its simplicity, it also make it possible for users to perform transactions with other individuals, decentralized applications, as well as external networks.
Another core feature of Venly Market which I find interesting to users is the different types of payment methods which it accepts. This marketplace platform is designed in a way that users that don't necessarily have to pay with crypto, there are options for PayPal, credit cards and some stable coins.
The Venly Market platform is a good digital marketplace to patronize.

Pros & cons

  • Uses Multi-Blockchain Network
  • Allows users to perform transactions with other users
  • Several payment methods
  • Don't need crypto to make purchase
  • None