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Very good

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Description of Blockparty Marketplace

Digital art & collectibles market. We enable creators & fans of music, games, art & sports to buy & sell NFTs. Own the keys to your own store on Blockparty. Collect digital goods from your favorite artists and brands or set up your own NFT storefront.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

my little knowledge about Blockparty Marketplace

Blockparty Marketplace. Hello guys, my little experience on Blockparty Marketplace. Blockparty Marketplace is one of the new ideas that has been gain ground in the world although it was established in America, California precisely. Blockparty Marketplace is a digital art and collectibles market which give opportunity to fans of games, music, art and sports to be able to easily buy and sell NFTs. it saves the stress of going to different places, meeting different sets of people…

  • very good idea
  • no negative comments

Blockparty Marketplace is a digital goods store based in the United States of America, California to be precise. The Blockparty Marketplace platform has been in operation for 4years now, offering sales of digital assets, game assets, collectibles, artworks, and audio NFTs to interested buyers. The store operations is built on Ethereum Blockchain network. I see the platform as a place to be especially for creators, because it's core features presents users with lots of benefits and an…

  • Multi-chain NFT minting
  • No Gas Fee
  • Offers customizable drops
  • Allows creation of personal unique items
  • Supports Ethereum and USD payments
  • None

Blockparty Marketplace is a platform for NFT creators and collectors, the platform allows creators and fans of sports, music, arts and games to perform buying and selling NFTs. The platform was founded in 2017, and it is based in the United States of America. One of the major benefit of Blockparty Marketplace is that, it provides digital artists with empowerment opportunity in which they can express their opinion or view through creative arts. Another good thing about the platform is…

  • Provides Artists With Empowerment Opportunities
  • Accepts several payment methods
  • Offers Seemless Withdrawals To Third Party Wallets
  • Ease Of Access
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

This is a review on Blockparty market place.

The cryptoart scene is acquiring more industry areas on the planet and this has not gotten away from the notification of different NFT craftsmen, even as ahead of schedule as 2020. Regardless of whether melodic, compelling artwork, applied art or even video art, the utilization of an advanced authentication gave on the blockchain is progressively interesting to the two specialists and clients. The contentions for the utilization of Non-Fungible Tokens are persuading: another type of openness…

  • Blockparty allows USD or the Ethereum as a means of making payments.
  • It permits a unique multi-Chain minting system.
  • Reduces cost,it delivers a near zero fee for transactions.
  • It is reliable and trusted as well.
  • There's none proposed for this Market.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My name is David olomola am talking about block party marketplace

my is David Block party marketplace this is a platform that you can start puchase online product and it is trustworthy and faster than others marketplace online it you order for more products around the world and it delivery faster than others place this platform is the best and digital marketing team that you can see on the website and you purchase all type of personal product required on that platform start to create account on block party market place so you can start buying house…

  • It is trustworthy for delivery of product
  • they only sold online