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Review on Bluetooth-Enabled Recumbent Exercise Bike With 3-Way Adjustable Desk - EXERPEUTIC 2500 by Jabari Campbell

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Blood shed, shipping mess, customer service lacking. but hopefully worth it.

Update - added a star because company finally responded and answered my questions.Between my job, hobbies, and health issues I spend way too much time sitting. Due to having degenerative disc disease and exercise induced anaphylaxis most equipment and exercises are impossible or even dangerous. I do enjoy using a recumbent bike and it seems not to aggravate my back or my EIA. A normal bike or spin bike is too hard on my back. I have a nice Gold's Gym recumbent bike that I've been using off and on for over a decade. I often find myself wishing I was on the bike while working at my computer or wishing I was at my computer while on the bike. When I spotted the Exerpeutic Desk Recumbent Exercise Bike at Walmart it seemed like the perfect solution! I originally planned to order the previous version since it has so many glowing reviews, but Walmart alerted me that there was a new version so I decided to check it out. The selling point is the new version has a 3" thick seat whereas the older one has only a 2" thick seat. I also liked the look of the more supportive seat back in this version. The desk part looked the same. The newer model has a fitness app (didn't really care about that part since I use my Fitbit). Ultimately, I decided to go with this newer/better model based mostly on the plusher seat.What you need to know about the Exerpeutic 2500:1) STOP and look at the end-caps on the bike frame (the part where the seat bracket is) pictures 1-3. During assembly, I failed to notice that one of these end-caps was not all the way flush to the bike frame and was jutting out at an angle. The plastic end-cap also has a manufacturing defect. In he middle on the side of the cap there is a very sharp piece of plastic sticking out. I cut my leg on it the first time I got on the bike. It is a rather nasty cut that required me to use Dermabond to close it. While painful, I'll live. The reason I'm most concerned with warning others about this is that it was a deep enough cut that it took me twenty minutes to get the bleeding to stop and I'm not on a blood thinner nor do I have any bleeding/clotting issues. For a customer with such issues the same type of injury could be very serious. I took a razor blade and carefully shaved off the sharp plastic then I used a metal fingernail file to smooth the edges. Both the end caps had the same sharp spot in the same place. Be careful while assembling/getting on off until/unless you check your bike for the same problem.2) Shipping is confusing! I ordered on Friday (the 5th) using 2 Day Free Prime Shipping. There was no update on my order/tracking until late Tuesday (the 9th) night. At that time I was given one tracking number and told the bike was shipping via Fed Ex and would arrive Thursday (the 11th) . The bike came today- Wednesday (the 10th) instead, which was fine-except I found a too small, too lightweight box on the porch. The box ONLY contained the seat bottom and desk top. I checked Walmart to see if they'd sent only part of the bike. The order status showed the item delivered and there was no further information or second tracking number. I ended up having a rather lengthy and useless conversation with someone at Walmart who said "sorry but here's a $20 credit" before abruptly being disconnected. Great. But WHERE is the rest of this bike? Surely I didn't pay $350 for just a seat bottom and desk top?! I then had to go online and search for the seller to get an 800 number to call to see if they could help me with where the rest of the bike is. They were able to tell me there were two boxes and give me the other tracking number, but they showed both boxes as being "delivered". I went out and finally found it at the end of the driveway. (Getting that 72 lb box in the house was an adventure!) Had I been told it was 2 boxes or had the order shown both tracking numbers I'd not have needed to wasted an hour making phone calls to figure it out. That said. expect two boxes and one tracking number.3) Customer service at Paradigm Health & Wellness is hit and miss. They did help me with the shipping mess. BUT that is where all their help ended. After getting the bike together, getting injured, and having a few questions I used the contact us form on their website (on April 10th) because they were closed for the day. I assumed they'd reply by email. They finally did two days later (business hours, I get it) but provided no answers to my questions nor any mention of the sharp part that had cut me and what if anything they planned to do to keep others from being hurt. It was a generic "if you need a manual go to this link/if you need parts go to this link/do not reply to this automatic message" email. I called again, but we're on third shift so they were closed already. Next, I tried their Facebook page. The won't approve posts to their wall. So, I sent a message via FB messenger. They saw it, but didn't bother to reply at all.4) The price dropped from $349 to $299 the day after I ordered mine. Go figure. If you're thinking about this model, it might be a good idea to add it to your cart and let it sit for a while to see what happens with the pricing.5) Assembly was fairly easy and straightforward. The directions and diagrams are easy to read and printed in a large enough font I didn't even need my reading glasses. I put the whole thing together myself. It took an hour and twenty five minutes (including reading the directions first). The hardest part to do alone was the handlebars. I used the tools provided until I got to the seat assembly. That required a bigger screwdriver than what is included. I took my time being careful not to miss any steps or over tighten/strip any bolts. With help you could probably have it together in 30-45 minutes.6) Good seat for 30 minute rides. I'm glad I ordered the newer one with the thicker seat. My butt was sore after an hour on this one. The other one would not have worked for me. I'll need to add more tush-cusion and probably a lumbar pillow. The back does have good support and does adjust but a bit more lumbar support will be necessary to meet my personal needs. If you plan to only use it around 20-30 minutes at a time and don't have back issues the seat should be thick and comfy enough. If you plan on longer rides or have back issues. more cushion might be needed.7) The desktop is large and will easily hold a 17" laptop, mouse, smartphone, and more. The cup holders will hold even the most odd-shaped water bottles and are ample enough for a shaker-bottle. I'm quite disappointed that this model doesn't have the drawer under the desk like the previous model did. I really could use that feature! (I did ask if I could get the drawer and add it to my bike but since they didn't answer I guess I'll never know.) The wrist-rest isn't padded (it's plastic) but seems fairly comfortable. I love that the desk slides closer/farther and tilts to so many angles to make typing comfortable and more ergonomic.8) I had trouble getting the seat to stay put. I got on, found the right spot, got off while holding the seat, tightened it as much as physically possible, got back on. and it slid right back down. I have decent strength in my hands so I tried again. And again. And again. It just kept sliding. I also asked about this in my email, but since they never answered I dealt with the sliding seat and pondered what I could do. On day 3, I thought maybe it had to do with weight on the seat vs weight off the seat. Leaning on the seat while tightening didn't work. Finally, I had my son sit on the seat while I tightened it as much a I possibly could. This time it stayed put. It seems you need to be ON the seat in order to get it tight enough to stay put. I have long arms and still can't reach the knob while sitting on the bike. You might need help from someone to get the seat to stay put.9) I am 5'5" with a short torso but fairly long arms and legs. From shoulder to tip of my middle finger my arms are 28" and from inseam to heal my legs are 33". I need the seat to be all the way back for perfect-pedaling and the desk tray almost half-way forward for my arms to reach the keyboard while typing and still be comfortable. I wondered if a taller person could use this bike since it only works for me in the farthest back position. My son is 6'3" with a 34" inseam, so I had him hop on. He had no trouble using the bike with the seat all the way back either. We just had to adjust the desk part higher to accommodate his longer legs. I think this bike will work for most people and it might depend on your leg-length more than your height. With the adjustable desk and seat it's pretty accommodating.10) It's darn-near silent. I can't even hear it with the tv on. My dog hated my other bike with the whirring pedals. She would growl the whole time I was on it. She's sleeping less than 6 inches from me while I pedal on this one. That's a definite plus. It is smooth and quiet. The only noise comes from the seat which has a bit of side-to-side wiggle as I pedal faster. I don't see any way to fix this as I have it assembled properly and as tight as possible. The side of the seat bracket hits the mainframe as it wiggles so it's kind of a metal-tapping-metal noise. Other than that there is ZERO noise-distraction.11) The back is tall and wide enough I can drape my XL Heating Pad over it. I know most people won't need to use a heating pad while working out, but again, I have bad back problems and prolonged sitting of any kind requires some soothing heat. The seat does have a warning about being flammable and not meeting safety standards. It warns users not to smoke or use an open flame near the bike, but I guess a heating pad on low is safe.12) There IS a weight limit of 250 lbs and I do think that is probably the max this will handle considering the rocking and sliding the seat does under my weight (which is NOT 250lbs).13) There are several "do not use" if you have certain health issues warning. There's a list in the book it came with. I'll post a picture so you can check with your doctor first.14) Yes, it does have the cancer/reproductive issue warning on it. My laptop cord, my earbuds, etc all have this warning. It's nearly impossible to find products that don't cause cancer these days. Even rx medicines are being recalled for causing cancer. It is what it is. Cancer-causing agents are everywhere. I asked in my email exactly which part(s) of the bike made this warning necessary thinking maybe I could lessen the risks somehow. Again, no answers. I am past the age of having more kids so the reproductive warning isn't a big deal to me but could definitely be for younger users. As for the cancer warning . not happy about it, but I figure if I don't stop sitting for 12 hours or more a day I'm as good as dead anyway.15) The previous version could also be used as a standing desk. While this model doesn't say that it can, I had no trouble using it in that manner. I simply raise the desk to the right height. With the seat all the way back I have plenty of room to stand and type/work.16) I haven't used/tried the app yet for the MyFitnessCloud so I can't say much about it, but the bike comes with a coupon to go online and get a MyFitnessCloud weight scale or chest belt free. Both are valued at $50 (on the Paradigm website). Not a bad little "bonus". if they actually honor it. Not holding my breath since their customer service is a bit wishy-washy. We shall see.17) It seems durable, sturdy, and well made. I don't see any issues with it lasting as long as I need it to. I did get the extra warranty-- just in case --since I plan to use this more than the average user might.Three stars instead of five because of the blood shed and unanswered questions, but overall I'm happy with it. I wish more than anything it had the drawer under the desk like the former model. And, it would be nice if I could get some answers to my questions. My leg is still sore, but it's healing, and hopefully won't leave too much of a scar. I'm pretty sure once I tweak the seat a tiny bit to add extra cushion and support it will be worth the blood loss and hassles.

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  • Affordable pricing compared to other exercise bikes and workstations
  • Not compatible with all Bluetooth devices