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Review on ⚙️ NEIKO 10224A Extra Long Security Bit Set: 32-Piece, 6-Inch Length, S2 Steel, Hex Shank, Phillips, Slotted, Tamper Proof Hex & Torx, PoziDriv, Spanner, Torq-Set, Tri-Wing by Kristen Reid

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Neiko 10224A when length matters - my review about it

No matter how many screwdrivers and bits you have in the workshop, you still have to buy a new one. The equipment manufacturer always tries to come up with some kind of tricky slot on the head of a screw or screw in order to create difficulties for a person who wants to quickly repair this equipment. Already in 2012, I experienced all the delights of large-format technology from the well-known company Hewlett Packard. I was especially impressed by her love for torx slots with a "pimp" in the center, which, when assembled, require a special screwdriver or bits with a hole for this "pimp". In the kit for their expensive printer, HP puts one long T-shaped torx 25 screwdriver with a rod made of extra strong plasticine. During operation, the screwdriver gently licks the edges of the slots of the screws and after assembling the device, the branded complete T-screwdriver can only be disposed of. It is unsuitable for further use. Each manufacturer strives to hide the screw slot deeper into the bowels of the plastic, and make the hole narrower - the option using an extension bit holder does not work. My thinnest and thinnest bit holder has an outer diameter of 10.5 millimeters. Torx bits with a hole are also called anti-vandal bits. A short bit 25 millimeters long cannot crawl with an extension cord in any way. The option of welding a slotted screwdriver to the bit may also not work. It remains only to search for long piece bits with the desired shape of the counterpart. For example, the Xbox game controller began to glitch (pictured). Not only is it assembled on latches, but under the sticker sits a screw with a torx head No. 9 with a "pimp". The good thing is that it can be unscrewed with a short bat or, for example, with a bat from the Wera 059297 Kraftform Kompakt 62 handle set, a review of which can be read here. For the assembly and disassembly of all sorts of ingenious devices, a set of long torx (or "asterisk") bits was purchased on an American online site back in 2012 for 11.25 ultramarine firs, excluding delivery. 10 bits were supplied in a set with Enkay's manufacturer's reference number 3036-C in a plastic bag. Each bit is 150 mm long and has a working length of 140 mm. In my set, all holes on the side of the working part have coaxial holes provided by the standard. I had no problems with loosening the screws when the "pimp" does not get into the Enkay bit due to misalignment or a larger hole than the size of the hole in the bit. The bit sizes in the set start with torx #6 and end with torx #40 (with a hole). Each bit is made from chrome vanadium steel, magnetized and marked on the hex shank. In addition to the outstanding bit length, the set contains three rare torx 6,7 and 8 bits, which, for example, are not in the same set from Wera. The photo shows how much longer the bit produced by Enkay is that of a well-known European manufacturer. Currently, Enkay 3036-C bits are available for purchase on the US market for 10 surprised hedgehogs per set. As an afterword. Last week I had a chance to repair a fallen off wheel on a Philips 9130 vacuum cleaner. In order to put the wheel back in place, I had to completely disassemble the entire vacuum cleaner. One screw was deepened into a thin plastic "hole" by 120 mm and only with an Enkay torx 15 bit with a hole, it was possible to unscrew it and then screw it back in. Bits and screwdrivers of the torx standard with a hole (anti-vandal) are fully compatible with ordinary torx, so I consider the purchase of ordinary torx bits and screwdrivers inappropriate. Even when buying sets of bits and screwdrivers for precision mechanics, in my opinion, you need to choose those that have the ability to unscrew torx screws with a protruding shaft. On the Russian market, you can find individual long torx bits with a hole, but they are usually sold in stores in two pieces in a blister.

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