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Review on HyperX 3200MHz Desktop Memory HX432C16FB3A by Evgeniy Zaytsev

Top RAM for the money. One of the best deals

I bought this RAM more than a year ago, at a ridiculous price of $100. Initially, I thought that the cost would be much more and was delighted with the current price, so I bought 2 pieces at once.

There were no problems with installation on the motherboard - everything fell into place reliably and easily.

During the entire period of use, I did not have any complaints. The speed is good, the two boards work perfectly. Although I had an experience in my life with the fact that the RAM suddenly "dies", but HyperX did not encounter this problem, so I can definitely rate it at 5.

There were no problems with my motherboard, but it's always better to check the compatibility of the RAM with your hardware.

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More recently, one of the RAM dice decided to retire. She served long enough and faithfully, but still heavy loads in the form of launching video processing programs and new video games made her quickly use up the resource. I plan to buy another one of the same, because. she worked great.

Prices are certainly higher now, but among the competitors the most attractive in my opinion

Pros & cons

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  • quality
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