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Review on Acer XV272U Xbmiipruzx Splendor Display - 1440p Agile Gaming Monitor by Nate Degenhardt

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Amazing monitor - but a few issues

(Update 2 below) Overclocking to 270Hz is amazing and very smooth. The colors were amazing when coming from my previous TN panel monitor. I played at 1440p@165hz and 1080p@240hz. The combination of the two resolutions of 1440p at 270 Hz is excellent for competitive gaming. The reason I gave this product 2 stars in the overall rating is due to several issues I had. Upon arrival the package had no visible damage but there was a slight bulge in the center of the bezel. It didn't bother me too much, but obviously for the price of this monitor I'd rather it wasn't there. The biggest problem I had with this monitor was that after about 3 weeks of use I noticed vertical lines on the monitor appearing while gaming. I was able to reproduce this when I played an RGB test video from YouTube. Vertical lines appeared when displaying different shades of green. This leaves some afterimages and usually disappears after a few minutes. I have now requested a refund and plan to purchase this monitor again in the future. When I get this monitor back I will update this review. Update 1: I was able to get another monitor pretty quickly. However, bad news. Looking at the monitor, I again saw a slight bulge in the top center of the bezel. I re-did an RGB color test video from YouTube and had no flicker issues. However, I had a straight vertical line when different shades of red or text appeared in its path. This vertical line ran from the top to the bottom of the monitor. I tried to take a picture of him with my phone, but it's not very visible compared to a person. Another small issue I noticed was some stuck pixels. I can make another redemption, but I'll probably consider other options at this point. If there is any news I will update this review. Update 2: Finally, on a third monitor, it's almost perfect. There is currently no flicker, no vertical lines, and no afterimage. There is no central bulge on the bezel. The only downside is the presence of 1 stuck pixel, but that can be fixed. It's on the side and not too noticeable. I hope this was my last update.

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  • Refresh Rate: Overclocked to 270Hz (using DisplayPort or USB Type-C) Response Time: 1ms (g to g) to 0.5ms (g to g) Brightness: Native: 350 nits HDR Mode: Peak 400 nits
  • Limited Customer Support

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