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Review on Mr Screws Assortment Phillips Assorted by Barbara Simmons

Suitcase of screws for two kilograms.

In such a suitcase there are not even two, but as many as 2.3 kg of different-sized self-tapping screws: Self-tapping screws of the same type lie in separate compartments, and in practice it is very convenient: If you are assembling any wooden structure, or, for example, new factory furniture, you simply take the same type of self-tapping screws from one cell and quickly tighten them with an electric screwdriver. The operation proceeds quickly and quickly, since there is no need to look for the right size in a bunch of different hardware. In general, the self-tapping screws from the set from the Diall trademark are of high quality, have sharp tips and strong caps that are resistant to mechanical stress. The diameter of the self-tapping screws from the set is from 3.5 to 5 millimeters, and their length is different: Depending on the required option, we take the necessary screws from the set, and use them for their intended purpose: A plastic case with cells is included with the set of self-tapping screws free of charge. Case stickers: The bottom of the case is durable, there is a carrying handle on the case: In addition, the case contains two PZ2 bits for a screwdriver, which just fit the heads of the self-tapping screws from the set. They need to be found among the screws in one of the cells: The case with factory packaging was secured with a small factory black tie, which must be cut before opening the case: There are two plastic latches on the side of the case. Currently, such a set is offered at the local store of the Castorama distribution network for a very attractive and reduced from the regular price of 419 rubles. In Castorama stores in other cities, this price may be different. One kilogram of strong self-tapping screws with an anti-corrosion coating ends up being less than 200 rubles, and this is not counting the cost of the case. Which, after using up the screws, can be used for its intended purpose for storing other hardware. In our local hardware stores, a kilogram of good uncoated iron nails currently costs under a hundred rubles. Moreover, when working with wood, modern trends are to abandon the use of nails in favor of screws and self-tapping screws. And self-tapping screws with screws in this regard are much more convenient and practical. On them, unlike nails, you do not need to pound and knock with a hammer, and the connection itself on self-tapping screws is more durable than on nails. In addition, if necessary, it is not so difficult to disassemble it. True, there is no competition from self-tapping screws for long and thick strong nails. But at cost, a nail connection is much cheaper than a connection with screws and self-tapping screws. Using self-tapping screws from the set with thick plywood: In addition to working with wood, the self-tapping screws from the set are well suited for concrete and brick walls. To use them, you will have to use plastic dowels of the appropriate diameter and length, driven into holes pre-drilled in such walls. In practice, the self-tapping screws from the Diall 1200 set have proven to be excellent, as they are durable with strong hats, and are excellent for working with a wide variety of wood materials. Starting with plywood and chipboard, and ending with strong solid wood planks.

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