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Review on Recotap by David Olayide

Recotap:One stop Option For B2B and Business start-ups

The business words is always subject to innovative changes and everyday, various innovations, methods and strategies are continually redefined in a bid to achieve a standard of comfort relative to the business world. The proliferation of technology and IT has impacted on the business sector as well. The use of artificial intelligence in conducting business, today, has made a lot of processes much easier than they used to. The aim of any business setup is to generate revenue in exchange for some service or product. This is where Recotap comes in. Recotap, is an Artificial Intelligence driven account-based marketing & advertising solution that offers such features as decision targeting capability for B2B marketers. This program can help B2B make and achieve sales. Originally built for marketers to generate more revenue and get better ROI of their marketing budgets. I this is a really good tool for business owners. From what I know about the project, business owners who are in need of conversion can employ the services of Recotap. From identification to engagement and conversion, Recotap makes use of its artificial intelligence program to help B2B marketers. From my personal experience, Recotap can come in quite useful to any business owner. Some of the benefits of engaging Recotap include, boost of sales, and shorter sale cycles. To make this project accessible, it has a seamless design that would enable fluid interactions.

Pros & cons

  • Sales boost
  • Increase in sale cycles
  • The project doesn't seem to have much engagements yet

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