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Review on Sceptre DisplayPort Speakers Metallic Immersive Curvature 75Hz, Curved, Built-In Speakers, C275W-1920R, HD, HDMI by Zach Gopalan

At first glance, not a bad deal for a monitor.

I bought this monitor with the intention of buying a second one later so I can have a dual 27 inch setup for home and office use. This monitor is smaller than the screen. After adjusting the monitor, I noticed that there was a 1mm black bar of unused screen between the pixel edges and the monitor bezel. i will know what i mean. At first I thought it was an underscaling issue due to the HDMI connection. So I went through all the AMD Catalyst settings to adjust the scaling. Catalyst has already been scaled down to 0, so it's not a "It's not a problem. I checked the Win10 scaling and it was set correctly. So I went into the monitor's built-in menu and looked at the options. The aspect ratio was set the menu "Full" . There weren't any other options to adjust the image", so I connected the monitor to my laptop using a VGA cable. ble. The problem was still there. I went through my laptop's Intel Graphics Control Panel to find the tried to tweak the scaling, but it made no difference When connected to VGA, the Scepter's built-in monitor menu offered the ability to adjust the monitor's horizontal and vertical positioning, but regardless of position, there was still 1mm of black empty space between the Image pixels and the monitor frame. ruled out graphics drivers, HDMI and VGA connection and possible onboard monitor settings to fix the problem. Nothing will solve this problem as it is clearly a hardware feature? That 1mm black dead space between the edge of the image pixel and the frame of the monitor will never go away I'm shocked that no one else has addressed this issue or given feedback on it h has left. Unfortunately I have to send it back as it bothers me all the time. In terms of image quality, I wasn't very impressed. This monitor was bought to replace an AOC 27 inch flat screen which is now over 6 years old and to be honest I think the AOC had a slightly better picture in terms of color vibrancy and picture sharpness. I fired up FarCry 5 and played for 20 minutes so I could give an honest "For Gaming" review of this review and I wasn't impressed. With the refresh rate set to the advertised 75Hz, the controls felt laggy and there was screen tearing when the character was moved 90 degrees anywhere, but in slow and deliberate motion. I would only recommend this monitor if 1) it will be used in an office and 2) you don't mind the black border between the image on the screen and the actual bezel of the monitor. It's a shame, I really wanted this monitor. Return to the drawing board.

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Pros & cons

  • Up to 75 Hz refresh rate (Update 2018)
  • negative is present

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