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Review on Triangle Group Sportex TH201 / TSH11 205/50 R17 93R summer by Janis Ziemelis ᠌

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Bad quality, not worth the spent money.

Don't be fooled by rave reviews! These people are not ready to enjoy driving, only moving from A to B, this rubber is not capable of more. If you are a penny and drive strictly 60 km / h without sudden lane changes, abrupt starts and high speeds, then it will be ideal. But if you have a desire to pile on in the city - you're done :) Rubber is actually more comfortable and softer than Continental ContiSport Contact 5, once again, Triangle for a calm, measured ride and no more (! ) All the flaws will show up if you want to enjoy driving even a little bit. When rebuilding from row to row, the rubber floats, first the muzzle dives and then turns the back, but it happens so pointwise that it seems to you that the will now overtake the front and you will move the neighboring car in another row. After that, you don’t want to make any sudden movements - it’s just dangerous. Opel GTC GSi car. With a long turn, it breaks down and starts to whistle, and this is with a 40 profile. This is just because of the softness of the rubber. The sidewall is very soft, it is pressed through with a finger, but comfort, damn it. If it accelerates sharply from a place, it will whistle and ask for mercy, even in second gear it whistles. Premium Chinese, I didn’t have such a thing on my kontik with a zero to the level of “bald heads”, but here . ) And finally, this rubber kills all drive, all driving pleasure. Do not take it, do not believe the laudatory reviews, these people do not understand anything, they did not drive on good tires. I also fell for the reviews and now I feel cheated. : If you think reasonably, what more could you expect from a set of tires for 16k, at the cost of one (! ) normal tire, for example, Continental - 17k. Remembering the price immediately everything falls into place. And it was noticed that at a temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius, the rubber becomes not so soft and pliable, which only benefits it, although the sidewall does not break so much when turning :)

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To provide a more comprehensive review, I've attached some photos.


  • Price, rubber softness, comfort
  • Controllability! This tire doesn't have it. Very rolled, size 245/40R20 to give you an idea. Runs small, tires already sit on the disc than they should.