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Review on Rechargeable Digital Noise Cancelling Hearing Aid BLJ-109 - Banglijian (1 Unit) by Antonio Liberty

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I bought this from Revain 2 weeks ago and have been using it in all kinds of enviroments since then testing its capabilities and : ). : ). : ) I'm astonished at how much it helps my ability to hear, especially for less than $70.The manufacturer also sent me a very long, completely proactive letter of support (which I've archived) covering just about any need that might come up, including warranted replacement, within days of my purchase. I had a viral infection about 15 yrs ago that left my ability to hear seriously damaged in my R ear and as I've aged this has been getting worse. I've been extremely wary about buying a standard hearing aid because of how much they cost, you know 2-3 thousand $, and because I've known several people who'd bought one and then were never happy with them ( this was also confirmed by a friend who worked in a hearing clinic) and have been watching the market for "sound enhancement devices" costing, at most, a few hundred grow larger and larger as far as choices and quality. Two yrs ago I bought a small, inexpensive device which did not work well. It was useless. Since then ( happily for me) the field has exploded with choices.This aide, Banglijian Hearing Amplifier BLJ-109, comes with a wonderful variety of ear canal accessories and replacements can be bought if needed. I'm really liking the USB charging instead of replacing batteries ( it is a hassle) but am being very careful to not overcharge the battery OR even keep it charged near/at full routinely OR to fully drain the battery (attempting to keep use and charging in the middle range i.e. use aide 10+ hours a day, charge it 30-45 mins every other day) because that eventually ruins a rechargeable batteries ability to hold a charge. Alright.this little, truly nearly unnoticeable , device gives me back what feels like ALL of my hearing in a quiet ( 1st setting, home, TV, radio etc,) setting . Once a week I'm in a meeting at a coffee shop/restaurant with 10-14 people that frequently gets extremely loud with clashing noisy background sounds. This situation is actually what drove me to try another aide because it was becoming impossible for me to hear most of what was being said at this meeting. Using the 3 rd setting (concerts, stadium games, etc.) with the sound level at 1 or 2 for the first time I could hear most of what was being said.WOW--YAY ! Some, not bad, background noise came through too loudly but what I've gained is way more than any minor problems I've had. Also it's so comfortable I forget it's there immediately. Not exaggerating, I have an exceptionally small ear canal and have had a lot of painful earbud experiences.NOT with these small, silicone ones. I am soooo happy with this device. It's hard to believe how well it works, especially for the price, even if for whatever reason I needed to purchase one every year that's about the cost of one fast food meal a month. WAY.WAY WORTH THE PRICE : ) (I received/gained NOTHING for this review , posting. It's how I feel.)

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  • 1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)
  • May not fit comfortably for all users - the design may not be comfortable for everyone

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