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Review on Tide HE Liquid Laundry Detergent Soap - Original Scent, 64 Loads - Best for High Efficiency Machines by Reg Lin

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Tide Laundry I expected more: the whole truth about this product

I bought it at a discount in the OK store. The price was 199 rubles for a package of 1.235 liters. Where did the manufacturer come up with this number? accurate to thousandths - it is not clear. The bottle is comfortable and stable. But the dispenser was not at all impressed. Some uncomfortable. Inside is a thick slurry, rich blue in color. The smell is pleasant. I want to note that about 5 years ago I washed all the linen exclusively with Tide. But then I began to irritate the smell of tide after washing clothes. Often there was a feeling that the linen had just been washed, but it already gave away rotten meat, as if it had been kept for 15 hours in a washing machine with the door closed after washing. When washing with this product from Tide, there is no such effect. The smell is slightly harsh, but if you dry your clothes on the balcony, you get perfect freshness. I really liked that this liquid powder is suitable for white and colored laundry. How do I use it. I measure the required amount of the product, which is indicated in the instructions. Then I distribute it to places of special contamination on clothes (collars, sleeves, stains). After I leave all the laundry to "wait" in the washing machine for about an hour. Then I start washing. BUT. Unfortunately, the product does not remove dirt on clothes that have not been washed for a long time. My husband has a habit of stuffing well-worn T-shirts into the corner of the closet under clothes on a hanger. Sometimes I find similar surprises after a couple of months. This kind of pollution does not wash at all, it only adds aroma. I also want to note that it does not always wash the blood, even when first applied to the stain. In general, I would rate the tool at "4-". Since the real price of the funds is about 380 rubles. Isn't it a little expensive for 15-16 washes?!

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  • Pleasant smell, suitable for white and colored linen, you can also "soak" it, targeted application to areas of increased complexity
  • Does not cope with all pollution, blood does not always wash