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Review on Continental IceContact 3 215/65 R16 102T Winter by Wiktor Czerwiski ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed at how well the product is made, just magically!

I bought a Continental IceContact 3 in the dimension 205*55*R16 (metal spike) instead of the Viatti Brina Nordico V522 (the tires are not bad, but sometimes it has serious problems with braking on ice, dry/wet pavement) in the same dimension, a car Toyota Avensis T250 2022 onwards. Now about the pros and cons of Continental IceContact 3: + Excellent acceleration and good predictable braking on dry, wet, icy, snowy pavement + very confident and predictable follows the wheel and enters turns: there is no drift of the front or rear axle + Good directional stability on the track - the car drives confidently, does not blow anywhere + in the snow, uphill, etc. "rows" well, does not burrow + smooth running is good: minor defects and cracks on the pavement are practically not transmitted to the body and steering wheel of the car. - the rutting of the road is "felt", but maybe it's in the "old" and slightly "tired" car (2022), I won't say anything. - the noise of the spikes and the tread is quite unobtrusive, of medium volume, without obvious acoustic defects: there is no increased rumble when driving in a certain speed range and there is no pronounced "helicopter rumble" during acceleration / deceleration, but still I expected better acoustic comfort from Continental IceContact 3, apparently only buyers of tires with R17 and above will get it, as there is a "new rubberized low noise stud". My rating is 4.8 out of 5 for excellent driving performance and a slight minus for "acoustic comfort that is slightly better than others, but still not perfect", although a lot depends on the "worn asphalt" and for example Continental IceContact 3 on a new smooth dry / wet / snowy asphalt rides perfectly silently and quietly at any speed, but when driving on "worn-out coarse-grained asphalt" it is already noisy. 05/21/2022: I drove the 2022-2022 season on these tires and about 4-5 thousand km. Lost 1 spike in total. Sold. For the 2022-2022 season, I bought a new Michelin x ice snow Velcro - now that's what I need, I'm happy.

Updated 1 year ago
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I thought it would be helpful to include some photos in my review for a more comprehensive view.


  • Ride, acceleration, braking, directional stability on the track, well "lays" in turns.
  • All the same, I expected that it would be less noisy (read the details below in the comments)

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